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Integration Services - iPaaS

Connecting all the dots in your IT environment to boost your business

Your company deploys an ever-growing number of software applications and tools to support your business. How do you keep an overview, ensure stability, agility and security and control costs? Take a step back!

Cegeka’s Integration Services bridge the gap between your applications, partners and customers. By connecting all your applications, processes and data, you will be empowered to deliver new business value quickly and cost-effectively while ensuring continuity. Offered as a service and bundled with features like data governance and end-to-end monitoring, our Integration Services allow you to fully focus on your core business.

Why rely on Integration Services?

From legacy software, custom-made apps and off-the-shelf tools to shadow IT: you have a daunting number of systems running on different platforms, both on premise and in the cloud. Each of them plays an integral role in your business. Yet, this complex, digital spaghetti threatens to put a brake on your growth. Integration Services can help you solve that.

Harmonize your complex IT landscape in a future-proof architecture

Because your complex IT infrastructure is so difficult to manage, it is hard to gain the stability and agility you need to adopt new technologies and respond to the marketplace quickly.

Cegeka’s integration platform harmonizes the flows between applications, systems and databases in a future-proof architecture. In this way, it ensures stability and continuity while also offering the agility needed for you to expand your infrastructure at your pace to meet new market needs.

Build the digital ecosystem your customers and partners expect

Successful, future-focused firms prioritize smooth collaboration with customers, partners and employees. Due to the plethora of applications and systems your organization uses, it is difficult to build a cohesive digital ecosystem.

Our Integration Services enable digital collaboration with customers and partners by integrating all your tools. Moreover, it includes API Management, giving you control over and visibility into the APIs that connect applications and data across your organization and beyond.

Digital Ecosystem

Avoid data fragmentation and become truly data-driven

If your data is scattered across data islands, it cannot deliver the 360° business insights you need to grow your business and remain competitive.

Our Integration Services connect processes, services, applications and data. In doing so, it ensures a 360° view of every business process. Moreover, our Integration Services come with data governance, helping you keep data in sync, accurate and up to date.

Help IT keep up with business needs

With so many applications, tools and systems to control, your IT team operates completely in the now – or a few steps behind. They don’t have the resources to respond to all your requests and focus on your business outcomes.

Our Integration Services help them solve the glowing complexity, providing a future-proof IT architecture that unifies everything. Together with your team, we define a roadmap towards a more connected IT landscape, we implement the solution and we can monitor it.

Business needs
Download ebook - Towards an Integrated IT Landscape

Towards an Integrated IT Landscape

How to maximize operational efficiency and enable growth opportunities thanks to iPaaS.

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Integration platform as a service: supporting you at every step

Cegeka provides you with a best-of-breed integration platform that serves as the glue between your data, applications and people. The platform comes ‘as a service’, which implies that we closely monitor your business processes, ensure data governance and enable extra value-added services.

Microsoft Azure
Dell Boomi
Microsoft Azure
Dell Boomi

To help you achieve business value quickly, we have developed a pragmatic, step-by-step approach with a minimal lead time:


We identify use cases and ROI and create your integration roadmap during a workshop, together with your team.


We activate the integration services tailored to your organization’s needs and configure a business dashboard that helps you keep an overview of your business KPIs.


we manage the platform, ensure data governance and take care of maintenance (incl. monitoring and alerting).

Why Cegeka?

We offer end-to-end services

From a workshop to identify your needs to deploying and monitoring the solution: Cegeka supports you throughout your IT integration journey. Moreover, we can also help you first assess the need for application modernization or provide extra expertise on crucial aspects like security.

We are a trusted technology partner

With more than 30 years of expertise in IT application and infrastructure solutions and a continuous focus on learning, Cegeka acts as a trusted partner with in-depth knowledge of new platforms and technologies.

We are vendor independent

As we work with many different business partners, we are not tied to a specific platform or service. While our Integration Services are based on best-of-breed solutions from Microsoft, Dell and IBM technology, we can easily change technologies if another solution best meets your needs.

Pragmatic consultancy – proven capability

Successful IT integration projects require business insights as well as technical knowhow. We combine both. On top of that, we are pragmatic and focus on results and delivery in both the short and long term.

We work in close cooperation

As a family-owned, no-nonsense company, we work in close collaboration with your team throughout the entire process – from defining the scope to producing a concrete roadmap.

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Face the challenges of an uncertain world with composable applications

Change is becoming the only constant, with unpredictable events disrupting your business. Learn how composable applications help you tackle your challenges.

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