Dynamics empire

Smart solutions for housing and real estate

Real estate and housing companies and cooperations have a growing need for connection with tenants and third parties. With smart housing on the rise, you need to stay ahead by digitizing and connecting your processes. Dynamics Empire is a solution based on the Dynamics 365 suite, designed for the needs of real estate and housing companies, with features and benefits to seamlessly connect your company and digitize your processes.


Improved communication through preferred channels


Easily collaborate online and on any device


Improve productivity based on AI-driven insights

The benefits of Dynamics Empire

  • Open platform
    Effortlessly connect Dynamics Empire with any app, external tool or extension to digitize your way of working.
  • Secure
    All data is stored safely on Microsoft Cloud servers, with full compliance and following the highest security standards.
  • User-friendly
    Dynamics Empire is intuitive and easy to use for any party involved, reducing IT complexity.

Connect all parties in one centralized platform

Dynamics Empire consists of three products, designed for each party involved in the housing industry:

  • the ERP platform digitizes operational processes for landlords
  • the client portal allows tenants to find and request information 24/7 in one place
  • the fieldservice solution connects third parties (e.g. maintenance service) to your company

No need for expensive custom software: Dynamics Empire is modelled around best practices and industry standards like CORA by default. Transition to Dynamics Empire seamlessly and immediately improve efficiency without painstaking software implementations.


Dynamics Empire ERP: digitize your processes

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution offers specialized features that help any business become more efficient. The Dynamics Empire ERP supports any logistic and operational processes involved with property management:

  • Rent
  • Maintenance
  • Development budget and planning
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Financing

All your data and processes are centralized in one open and easy-to-use cloud-based platform.


Dynamics Empire client portal for tenants

Want to provide tenants with the perfect customer experience? The Dynamics Empire client portal offers an easy to use portal where they can find information 24/7, make requests digitally and stay connected.. The client portal consists of 4 functionalities:

  • Rent
  • Pay
  • Repair
  • Move

Reduce the frustration, waiting periods and costs of a help desk , and improve the tenant’s satisfaction by offering a digital and intuitive self-service platform, which is fully customizable to your needs and branding.


Dynamics Empire Fieldservice for repair and maintenance

Dealing with third parties for repairs and maintenance can be a big burden on your schedule. Manage planning and maintenance effortlessly with Dynamics Empire Fieldservice.

Improve efficiency and tenant satisfaction by automating and digitizing the services for your housing or real estate. Connect all third parties on one platform with a centralized and connected planning.

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