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Cegeka is dedicated to helping companies survive and thrive in a digital world. We do this by means of advanced IT solutions, strategic thinking and a hands-on approach.

Why work with us?

We unburden our customers

Our solutions are aimed at relieving our customers’ concerns about IT and how it impacts their business.

We focus on the business

We believe IT is all about business. We focus relentlessly on providing tangible business value and measurable results.

We put people at the centre

Our priority is to attract and retain the talent that is needed for making our customers happy.

We value 'Trusted Partnerships'

We strive for sustainable partnerships with our customers, employees, stakeholders and business partners.

We make innovation happen

We strongly believe that innovation is the key for thriving and surviving in today’s disruptive world.

We believe in agility

By helping our customers embrace an agile way of working, we enable them to deliver results faster.

Trending items

Digital Trends in Logistics

Information moves quickly and T&L needs to optimize its speed of providing goods, almost in real-time as the information. The supply chain is more complex than ever, but it still has one main objective: to satisfy the final customer. Here are a few of the disruptive trends that will set the competitive differentiation in this fast-paced industry.

RPA: faster, cheaper and more efficient

RPA bots automate simple and structured tasks. Result? Your employees are happier and have more time to make a difference, while RPA bots perform the routine tasks faster, more efficiently and cheaper.

What customers say

Katrien van Gerven - General Manager Heilig Hart Leuven

Cegeka stuck to the budget and timing and shared their thoughts with us at every step of the process.

Katrien van Gerven, General Manager Heilig Hart Leuven
Tim Vanbelle - CIO Belgosuc

Thanks to clear arrangements with Cegeka and their fast response times, we were able to implement a substantial upgrade in a short-term project.

Tim Vanbelle, CIO Belgosuc

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