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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

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Cegeka’s Artificial Intelligence Services

Artificial Intelligence isn’t a singular technology, but an umbrella term that includes machine learning, voice recognition, and predictive analytics, among others, to develop a solution.

Cegeka helps companies make more efficient use of their data, either by improving their existing processes and products or by creating new custom AI solutions, using the latest available tools and frameworks on the market.

What We Do

Data Architecture / Visualization

Neural Networks

Natural Language Processing / Smart Chatbots

Predictive Algorithms

Computer Vision

Voice Recognition

Our Approach to Custom Artificial Intelligence Projects

Cloud Consultant

Proof of Concept in days

Our Consultants understand your context and your business need. We the select and test assumptions and available tools and technologies for a Proof of Concept.
Cloud Integrator

Pilot Project in weeks

Based on the PoC, we develop a Usable Prototype with essential features.

Cloud Broker

Minimum Viable Product in 2 - 3 months

The Pilot Project is rolled out to fully-featured production, and ready to be deployed.

*Depending on the complexity, projects may take longer. 

AI impact on your business

Reduce costs

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will never replace your employees. But they will help with data insights no human mind can comprise.

Dead-time elimination

Make faster business decisions based on outputs from cognitive technologies.

Efficient support

Reduce significantly the mistakes and human error rates.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Computer Vision Expertise

Cegeka started its first image and video processing adventure in 2004, and up to today, it delivered over 10.000 man-days worth of Computer Vision, Deep Vision, Image Processing and Machine Learning projects, in domains varying from Bio Medical, Automotive or Construction Industry to Agriculture or Sports and Entertainment.

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AI Expertise in Cegeka

Multilingual AI ChatBots – Develop your own artificial polyglot employee!

Next time you reach out to your telephony provider via chat, it may be us. (If it’s bad, it’s not us). We are able to provide conversational interactions with humans, using a pre-programmed level of vocabulary and understanding, across multiple languages.

Smart farming – Fast math - Crop and livestock statistics in no time!

In order to keep track of their livestock, farmers use high quality aerial photos that are processed by our software application. Same techniques can be applied for crops and for countless other storage-based industries.

Storage Stocks Management – Next step – Counting stars!

Another industrial application consists in the automation of the stock management process for various products.

Timber manipulation – Are there still enough trees to reduce air pollution?

A similar application is used for timber manipulation. Pictures are taken at the site and at destination and each log is identified and assigned a number and based on this number further categorization is done, using the type of wood or the diameter.

Food Industry – On our way to a healthier lifestyle.

For the food industry, we have developed an application that can determine the percentage of fat in burger patties. We can determine what a good steak should look like, too.


Sports & Entertainment – Win the game with the latest AI strategy!

Wonder why your favorite team wins? Could be us. Match tactics and preparation for baseball team from MLB. The program is trained using a number of clips for each type of throw (curveball, fastball etc.) and based on these videos it generates heat maps that can assist the team players in deciding how to prepare for each throw.

Life sciences – How many needles are in there?

One of the medical applications we developed assists in the automation process of the suture needles counting. After the training phase, the application can identify and count the needles, even when the input image has added complexity that would make it difficult for a human eye to process.

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