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Digital Transformation: The Future of Insurance and Pensions in the Technology Era

Laura Băloi, Head of Digital and Customer Strategy NN Romania

Industry: Insurance 

As the digital transformation has accelerated in recent years, customers have demanded more than ever before access to a simple and intuitive application, prompting businesses to increase their digital efforts. One of the front runners was NN.

Many companies in the financial service industry are under constant pressure to create innovative products or to improve their capabilities in a shorter amount of time. Being a highly regulated industry, with legacy systems that must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a risk-averse culture, makes these even more difficult.

Digital Transformation: The Future of Insurance and Pensions

NN Direct is an app that delivers the most important information about NN insurance and pensions to their client's phones.

With this app, the users may pay insurance premiums or voluntary pension contributions easily and securely with any bank card. If investments are their cup of tea, they can use the app to trade fund units in a few easy steps.

NN has spent a significant amount of effort over the previous few years learning more about their client's demands in order to offer high-quality software that meets those objectives. "The reality is that the user prefers relevant interactions without any problems as they are already familiarized with intuitive experiences. Thus, for us, as a leader in the insurance market, the mission was to speed up transformation to offer our customers the best premium digital experience without losing the human touch from face-to-face interactions", stated Laura Băloi, Head of Digital and Customer Strategy NN Romania.

What were the results?

"We were able to relaunch and revamp the app in just four months thanks to your help. We nearly doubled the number of unique users from one year to the next after we launched and the users' reactions were overwhelmingly positive.

The new versions have enhancements for the key enables like claims, payments, data updates, and many other features for seamless interaction with the product portfolio and for engagement," mentioned Laura Băloi.

In close cooperation

"We are constantly looking for new ways to embrace the vast amount of change that is happening around us and provide a better customer experience. We needed a partner with an Agile mindset and a disruptive approach to digital transformation. The decision came naturally, and Cegeka has proven to be the correct choice after one year", said Laura.

Collaborating with their team of developers in an Agile way was an important part of our partnership, as it allowed us to establish a dialogue to accurately define needs and quickly clear up any potential misunderstandings. Working together to ensure that impediments, bottlenecks, and expectations do not stifle the team's ability to develop resulted in team unity. "Looking back it seems like we naturally adapted to the new reality. We followed the Agile ceremonies, we kept an open relationship with multi-channel interactions on the spot whenever we needed. Even though the connection to the project team was completely remote, everyone worked toward the same goal. The cool thing is that the teams quickly referred to each other as colleagues", explained Laura.



About NN

NN is a financial company with a presence in 19 countries and 175-year market history. Its mission is to provide financial solutions in the face of uncertainty, such as life and health insurance, as well as retirement savings and investment products, to help people face the future with more strength.

"I believe that our partnership was successful because of your solution-oriented mindset. Also, I must mention great skills and a team of doers."


  • Accelerated development
  • Resilient application
  • Enhanced customer experience


  • Relaunch and revamp the app in 4 months
  • Doubled the number of unique users
  • Seamless interaction
  • Positive reactions and great reviews