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Infrastructure Management

Unburden and transform

Innovation is the new norm, but IT continuity has to be monitored as well. It’s a delicate balance. Outsourcing your IT helps you to focus on your strategy.

Strategic sourcing

There are many reasons for outsourcing your IT – it’s no longer just about saving money. Working with a strategic partner helps you, the responsible party, focus on your strategy and generate added value.


In close cooperation

Cegeka takes on a proactive approach and focuses on your business drivers. To us, outsourcing is so much more than delivering services. Our aim is to help you grow and improve your business. We believe in cooperation based on empathy and commitment.

Trusted Partnership

A trusted partnership means more than just keeping the engine running. You are looking for a partner who can advise and guide you, who will help you solve complex technical issues, who can rely on a broad ecosystem of partners and knows how to handle them efficiently. Cegeka will support you from start to finish.


From IT supplier to trusted partner

A combination of various roles







Dare to Outsource

CIOs are increasingly involved in innovation and strategic decision-making. The reason is simple: in these times of digital transformation, IT is what makes or breaks a company. The stakes are high, and CIOs have to come up with solutions fast. You need a lighter load and more bandwidth to get things done right. Outsourcing could be just what you’re looking for.

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Infrastructure Management

We manage your infrastructure and unburden you. We offer a versatile approach that is suitable both for public cloud, private cloud, on-premises environments, and for a hybrid combination of these systems. We help you make your infrastructure future-proof with a flexible 'as-a-service' model.

End User Management

Much of the productivity of your employees depend on their digital workplace. It’s not technology, but an optimal user experience that matters most here. With Future Workplace, we offer you a total concept for the design and management of your workstations. Your employees get access to a workplace that is tailored to their preferences and requirements. We support you with the onboarding of users and the adoption of new technology.


Why choose Cegeka?

Unburden your IT organization

We are committed to delivering results and removing operational and financial risks

Close cooperation

As a trusted partner, we work side by side with you to help achieve your business objectives

Continous improvement

We offer a proactive approach combined with continuous development

Transparant TCO

Thanks to our transparent cost model you can immediately see how we can help you reduce your TCO

Customer orientation

The most important KPI for any team is customer satisfaction

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