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Internet of Things


Do you need valuable data? Clever deployment of sensors can bring your organization’s innovation projects to the next level.

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What is IoT?

‘The recipe for a successful innovation strategy’

It's not only people who go online these days. Domestic appliances, cars and even entire cities are also connected to the internet. Everyday objects are increasingly using the web to connect to the cloud.

By connecting sensors to the internet, you can collect valuable data for your organization. This information can be a great source of information for the successful completion of an innovative project.

That's why the Internet of Things is an accelerator for innovation. With the right mix of technologies, your organization can reduce operational costs, manage risks more effectively and generate new revenue streams.


There are many applications for the Internet of Things, but the technical side of things makes the whole thing daunting for many organizations. That is why many companies are not using this technology to its full advantage.


‘The Internet of Things is so complicated! Where do I even start?’


Getting away from the hype

  • Take full advantage of the Internet of Things by combining it with other technologies.
  • Discover which technologies are best suited for achieving optimal business results.
  • Integrate these technologies seamlessly into the day-to-day operations of your organization.

In many companies there’s still a wide gap between IT and business. This often means that the right technologies aren’t being used, yet the competition is tougher than ever.


‘Our digital transformation is not happening fast enough.’


IoT as a digital accelerator

  • To measure is to know. Thanks to IoT, you can measure results and gain new insights to make better decisions.
  • IoT sensors collect vast amounts of data. This data can be used to fuel other technologies.
  • Thanks to IoT, you can accelerate the digital transformation of your organization.

Many organizations don’t work proactively, but reactively. They fail to seize opportunities and don’t meet their customers’ requirements.


‘We don’t react fast enough when it comes to new trends and challenges’


From reactive to proactive

  • Make proactive decisions based on objective data.
  • Focus on core tasks thanks to automated technology.
  • Even everyday objects can be used intelligently.

The number of new technologies is growing fast. Organizations have to determine which innovations are the most interesting to invest in, but it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.


‘What technologies should we invest in?’


Proof-of-concepts by Cegeka

  • What are the latest innovations and how can they benefit my organization? Find out more in our workshop.
  • We illustrate each technology with a simple experiment.
  • Then we draw up a business case with the customer. Which benefits could these innovations offer your company?

Start-ups are gaining ground, attracting customers with an ingenious and flexible business model. Organizations that refuse to change their traditional approach are being left behind.


‘Innovative start-ups are stealing our customers’


Reinventing your business model

  • Maintain your competitive advantage by redefining your business model.
  • Our workshop gives you the information you need to make the necessary changes.
  • Don’t just keep waiting. Embrace change and regain the trust of your customers and other stakeholders.

IoT workshop

Standing still is going backwards.
Innovation is key.

Are you looking for the final piece of the puzzle to complete the digital transformation of your organization? Do you think the Internet of Things is interesting, but have no idea where to start?

We’ll look for new business and customer value together with you. We won’t only focus on the Internet of Things, but also look for the ideal combination of technologies for your organization.

Why trust Cegeka?

Focus on added value

Technological trends are often just buzzwords. Our experts go beyond the hype and discover the real value for your company.

Strong all-rounder

Standalone technologies are only the start. Thanks to its wide expertise, Cegeka can combine specific technologies and make the most of them.

Defined roadmap

New technologies are introduced quickly into the workflow of your organization with a step-by-step approach.

Extensive network

Cegeka cooperates with several partners in Europe to deliver rock-solid end-to-end solutions.

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