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Robotic Process Automation as a Service (RPAaaS)

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With RPA becoming a must-have for driving operational costs down, Cegeka offers Robotic Process Automation as a Service (RPAaas) - a complete Software as a Service solution based on tools from UI Path, offering multi-tenancy and scalability without capital expenses. Accessing the solution requires nothing more than a web-browser, with secure infrastructure deployment in the cloud or on-premise (or a mix of the two).

RPA technologies allow enterprises to automate repetitive, mundane tasks, once attributed to humans, freeing valuable employee time for strategic, problem solving tasks.

Robotic automation aims to use a computer (a.k.a. robot) to manipulate existing application software (CRMs, ERPs, help desk and claim applications) in the exact same way that a person works with those systems.

Cegeka RPAaaS - The Business Case

No Upfront Costs

Low investment and risk - using our tested Proof of Concept RPA workflow approach.


Ability to scale up and down based on your current robot-use needs. You only pay for what you use. And that will likely be less than half of what you would to an offshore worker.

No Infrastructure Hassles

We manage the RPA implementation end-to-end, in a highly-secured environment.

AI / ML Integration

To take it to the next level, our robots are able to learn and make supervised decisions.

Quick Deployment

We are able to map and deploy your first robotized process within 2 weeks.

Free RPA-readiness consultancy

Is RPA right for you? We can help you. RPA assessment for free.

Cegeka’s RPAaaS Approach

Cloud Consultant

PoC Workflow in 2 weeks

Cloud Integrator

Partial Workflow Roll-out in 2 months

Cloud Broker

Enterprise Roll-out in 6 months

RPA impact on your business

Ease of change management

Robots preserve application and data integrity by leveraging the existing application presentation layer and re-using existing application logic, databases and validation without deep understanding and re-engineering.

Cost reduction

RPA will change the world of back-office processes and Business Process Outsoucing (BPO).

An RPA robot costs a fraction of an FTE and can work 24/7/365, which can translate in a cost reduction of 35-65% for onshore process operations and 10-30% in offshore delivery.

An onshore FTE costing $80k/year can be replaced by an offshore FTE for $30k. However, a robot will perform the same function/tasks for less than half the cost and improved productivity.

Eliminate repeat work

The new army of virtual FTEs takes over the repetitive, non-value added tasks performed by humans – while humans will act as virtual workforce managers - monitoring robots and handling exceptions.

Noninvasive technology

RPA doesn’t require any major IT architecture changes or deep integration with the underlying systems.

Better customer experience:

Increasing service quality up to 100% accuracy rate due to high repeatability and zero fatigue. Decreasing delivery time - a reduction of up to 90% in cycle times.

Cegeka Romania is a preferred partner of UiPath for deploying RPA projects in Romania, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, the USA and beyond.

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