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Digital Strategies

Digital strategies - discovered together and applied for end business results. Cegeka walks with you on a discovery journey towards digital transformation, entwining our technology acumen with your client understanding and operational know-how, towards incremental, demonstrable steps.

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A thousand miles' journey starts with one step.

Large digital transformation initiatives fail because they are based on wrong assumptions, wrong customer perception or simply running out of budget. We make sure each step taken in the digital transformation direction (no matter how small) is the right one, through validating assumptions, defining goals and KPIs, and asking all the right questions in the process.

We recognize that while digital transformation is a useful tool, it should exist as long as it serves the business, without disrupting its roots. Not all businesses are born digital and no two companies are identical.

Over 70% of projects fail

| According to the Standish Group Chaos Report

How can we help you?

Strategic plan

We start each project by understanding the company's vision, goals and objectives. From this common understanding we distill an 'as-is' snapshot and a 'to-be' scenario that we eventually shape into a strategic plan.


Based on your strategic plan we evaluate the competencies you need to implement your 'to-be' scenario. During tailored consulting we define what you need, to shape-up your IT.

Tailored consulting

Having worked with both digital-born businesses and traditional organizations, we are able to tailor our approach considering their needs for fast pivoting or, on the contrary, for small steps that take into account existing operations, hierarchies and logistics chains, with the sensitive value-adding links between them.

We usually begin by:

  • Revisiting the Customer Experience
  • Revisiting the competitor landscape
  • Analysis of the existing IT ecosystem
  • Defining sought results and KPIs
  • Defining a roadmap based on the above, with small, measurable, implementable steps

Why Cegeka?

In close cooperation

Cegeka ensures close guidance during the entire process: from defining the scope to offering a concrete roadmap. 

We go end-to-end

Cegeka offers end-to-end modular software and hardware solutions and expertise from think to run

Business & technical expertise

We cherry-pick from our huge pool of methodologies that are suited to the specific needs of your context. 

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