A modern and thorough BI platform

Intelligent insights with Cegeka Business Insight

Get crystal-clear insights from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and Customer Engagement at any time with a touch of a button. Thanks to our solid BI platform, based on BI best practices and Microsoft technology, Cegeka Business Insight (CBI) offers organizations user-friendly, high performance and multi-source reporting options.


Why use Cegeka Business Insight?


Turn the data you retrieve from various sources like business processes in Dynamics into clear business insights, without the need for a large-scale BI implementation. Built on Microsoft technology, CBI also guarantees a robust software architecture that is easy to integrate with. 

  • Using a central database, you can always have the right numbers whenever you want them. Transform your insights into insightful tables and charts in your trusted visualization tool for a nice finish.
  • Get lightning-fast insights into your activities, figures and performance to make the right business decisions at any time. It’s as simple as plug and play!
  • Cover a wider scope by utilizing complex calculations in several critical domains, such as costing details, traceability, simulation of margin with other cost versions, rebate calculations and more.
  • Collect and analyze your data in a targeted matter from multiple sources, not only from your own ERP system but also from other sources deemed valuable.

The race for business insights

Today, data is everywhere, but not every company is handling implementations and the overwhelming input of data wisely. With Cegeka Business Insight, this stumbling block is a thing of the past and you can achieve returns at a much faster pace as opposed to traditional BI approaches.
By starting from an already comprehensive base, the benefits for your business can materialize much earlier in the process. 

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CBI in four steps

CBI in just four steps

  1. Unite your business data from several sources (Dynamics ERP data, historical data, external sources...) into one accessible location.

  2. Enrich your business data in a data warehouse, the new home for all your data, and make complex calculations and combinations of data with high performance for processing and calculating millions of records. 

  3. Unlock your business data by getting instant access to the data you need with a reliable and high performance self-service model, compatible with several visualization tools on the market, such as Power BI, Excel, Targit or Qlik. Simply drag and drop fields with over 1000 measures and 600 dimensions to choose from and combine multiple processes within a domain in one dashboard.

  4. Enable business insights with corporate reporting by consulting over 100 out-of-the-box dashboards and reports in Power BI, constructed and validated by solutions architects.

CBI offers models for a number of domains

Receive reports and evaluate performance on key domains like Order to Cash, Production, Procure to Pay, Finance, Inventory, Projects, Quality and Customer Engagement.

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