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Copenhagen was the stage for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pharma & Life Sciences Inspiration Day earlier this year. Did you miss it? Or do you want to relive the moment? In this article, we highlight the presentation from Jesper Bagh, Pharma Strategist and Global GxP at Microsoft.

The mission of Microsoft for Pharma organizations? To enable them to realize the promise of precision medicine by powering innovation across the value chain. The focus is on four pillars for empowering innovation: accelerating new discoveries, operating with agility and resilience, modernizing commercial engagement, and personalizing patient experiences.

One big innovation is undoubtedly the role of AI, which is truly transforming the possibilities in the healthcare and life sciences industry. Jesper: "One example is the acquisition of Nuance. Nuance can help with text analytics, recording, and transferring the doctor's notes directly into the EMR system. It can also analyze radiology pictures and show the results to the doctor directly."

Below you can find an overview of the roadmap of Microsoft when it comes to investment and focus in healthcare capabilities. And, as you can see: innovations are moving fast.

"On the side of Dynamics, Azure, and M365, we have the Copilot capabilities and enhanced products that will help you even further. We will also move into the space of creating your own Copilots based on templates or capabilities. This will all be merged into the products that you work with every day, in order to make it easier for you to use them."


Security, privacy, compliance and governance in healthcare

Microsoft annually invests $1 billion to advance efforts on security, data protection, and risk management. Healthcare & life sciences is the most targeted industry for security attacks, so we are continuously updating our standards. All products and solutions comply with regulatory requirements (i.e. HIPAA, HITECH, etc.) and international industry standards (i.e. FHIR). Besides that, ISO certifications assure customers that all the data is in safe hands.


GxP compliance & cloud compliance evolution

In his presentation Jesper shows the evolution of cloud compliance. “We moved from an approach with quality by testing (manual execution, high costs) to quality by design (qualified processes, automated build, moderate costs) and now to an approach with quality by control & monitoring (upfront validation, controlled build, automated qualification, low cost).”

Besides the platform approach, the focus is also on the highest platform governance standards, such as data loss prevention and environment security controls. Furthermore, we focus on platform qualification with, for example, vendor qualification, configuration, SOPs, and more.

And to finish off the presentation, Jesper has some nice news. The Dynamics 365 Guides GxP Playbook was released. Jesper: “Easy to learn, easy to read, easy to implement: that's the perfect description for it. The documentation provides you with step-by-step information to deploy Guides in a GxP regulated environment.”

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