Hudson: Putting customers and candidates first with Dynamics 365



  • Need for new IT platform due to Management buy-out
  • Centralized information for optimal collaboration.
  • Improve business processes
  • User-friendly & secure HR-data


  • Single version of the truth
  • User friendly & modern solution
  • Foundation for further growth
  • Insights in business results
  • Innovations tailored to their needs (CV Matching)
  • Becoming more customer centric

Hudson is a full-service HR consultancy firm with nearly 40 years of experience. From their offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, more than 250 HR experts provide advice on attracting, selecting, developing and retaining talent. When they seized the opportunity in 2018 to do a management buyout and therefore had to become IT independent, they chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 to support and optimize their operations. This platform enables them to connect their different service lines, work more productively and extract more value from their data.


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