Find out how computer vision revolutionizes diverse operational tasks

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Over the last several decades, humanity has successfully and rapidly automated a wide range of tasks, from transportation and industry to information exchange and even innovation. 

However, a subset of manual tasks remains mainly the domain of the human brain – and we don’t even perform them very consistentlysorting, object recognition and quality inspection. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), this is changing. 

Computer vision puts visual tasks into the “hands” of an algorithm that is trained to recognize specific elements and characteristics of visual data. Discover how this rapidly evolving AI technology:  

  •  saves time and money 
  • improves safety and quality 
  • learns and improves over time 
  • performs a wide range visual tasks, better, faster and more consistently than humans 

Cegeka AI expert Jonas Beullens dives into the technology behind computer vision, explores evolutions in this field and highlights several Cegeka customer cases. Watch this 19-minute presentation for detailed, real-life insights.