Find out how natural language processing generates significant business value

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Most companies handle large volumes of text-based data in the form of documents, invoices, communications, tickets and more. If your talent is weary of the time-consuming, laborious and repetitive work needed to classify, process and act on textual data, we have good news. 

With natural language processing a machine-learning algorithm is trained to recognize characters, sentences, and even contextual information. In this way, it automates a significant portion of the document classification process: 

  • image/PDF processing
  • identification of relevant information 
  • import of data into internal systems
  • Trigger follow-up actionsuch as archiving, data validation, metadata autocompletion, notification, and exception handling 

In this 21-minute keynote presentation, Cegeka Business Development Manager Bruno Mommens dives into the mechanics behind and productivity-boosting benefits of natural language processing.