Companies guarantee continuity with Digital Mailroom

Cegeka and Youston, both based in Limburg, are helping companies to guarantee continuity during the coronavirus crisis. They have launched the Digital Mailroom, which offers paper mail in a digital format for companies. ‘This is how we are contributing to keeping companies operational at a time when most of their employees are asked to telework as much as possible,’ as Stijn Bijnens, CEO of Cegeka, and Pieter Vansynghel, CEO of Youston, explain. Their initiative fits perfectly with the Flemish government’s campaign Vlaanderen Helemaal Digitaal (Fully Digital Flanders), which aims to limit the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the Flemish economy.

‘Company mailboxes are often not being emptied at all anymore, due to staff shortages. Consequently, important information is not reaching the right people in the company. The Digital Mailroom is our solution to this problem. Together with Cegeka, we are ensuring that this part of the Belgian economy does not come to a standstill. To unburden companies fully, they can try out the Digital Mailroom for free for the next two months, with no obligation’, Pieter Vansynghel, CEO of Youston says.

How does the Digital Mailroom work?

Thanks to the Digital Mailroom, every Belgian company receiving at least 30 pieces of mail daily can either have its mail redirected to Youston, or Youston can come and collect the mail at the company’s premises. ‘The paper mail is digitized by Youston, and archived based on predefined rules. Cegeka then ensures the digital delivery of the mail to the companies,’ Pascal Hermans, COO of Youston, says. ‘Our IT applications give companies direct access to their digitized mail in the digital workplace they are already using,’ Bart Swerts, Product Manager at Cegeka, explains. Cegeka provides tailored guidance and support to ensure smooth access to companies’ mail. This ensures the company’s continuity in that area is not compromised.

Mail digitization in a secure environment

Mail digitization and distribution is performed under strict security guidelines. ‘The information is processed in a secure environment, which protects the data of the companies. The digital mail is distributed in accordance with the GDPR regulation,’ Bart Swerts of Cegeka underlines.

The Digital Mailroom by Cegeka and Youston will be operational from 8 April. Interested companies can sign-up here: