Cegeka develops innovative mobility solutions that have a positive impact on cities, people and the environment. As part of the European Mobility Week, Cegeka is highlighting the renewed mobility initiatives Capacity and Mobilize. “With our digital platforms we promote a cleaner way of transport and we create space for people and other sustainable modes of transport”, says Benny Schaeken, Director Smart Cities at Cegeka.

The European Mobility Week (16-22 September) is the perfect opportunity to test out new forms of clean mobility, take stock of current transport challenges, and progress towards more sustainable mobility for Europe.

Capacity optimizes parking space and promotes more eco-friendly mobility behaviors

Capacity is the first platform that combines smart parking and EV charging in Europe, built to autonomously manage complex business environments. Thanks to ANPR technology and artificial intelligence, Capacity eliminates the need to build bigger parking locations by optimizing and sharing across multiple users parking and EV spots, significantly reducing a building’s carbon footprint.

“Capacity allows private buildings to open and promote via digital channels their parking facilities to external users, helping cities in the implementation of environmentally friendly policies such as the COBRACE tax in Brussels. The transition from on street to off street parking disincentivizes the use of private cars and instead promotes building bigger sidewalks and protected bike lanes, all transport options that are more friendly with the environment”, says Javier Gutierrez, Business Unit Manager for Capacity.

With the MyCapacity app employees know in advance if they should take their car to the office based on real-time availability, while its integration with EV charging makes owning and charging an electrical vehicle easier and more appealing for any user. Cities that want to reduce traffic congestion and pollution can setup mobility hubs operated by Capacity surrounding the city centers and connect micromobility options such as e-bikes and e-steps for drivers to complete the last mile.

“We see in Capacity not only a step forward in better mobility solutions, but a way to generate economic growth in a more sustainable way”, says Javier Gutierrez.

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Mobilize assists cities to build more liveable cities

Cegeka helps cities and municipalities make to the shift towards multimodality by helping them simulate circulation plans, road works and traffic flow optimalizations. “With access to smart technology such as big data and artificial intelligence, we provide solutions that help policy makers to make better decisions, and make them faster”, says Benny Schaeken.

By visualizing average road speeds and giving insights on traffic jams and traffic safety statistics we help local governments prioritizing and tackling the most pressing mobility issues first.

We couple our simulation exports to air quality models, enabling cities to not only take into account the effects on traffic but also the effects on our environment, helping them to achieve goals formulated in the sustainable development goals and covenants of mayors.

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