In cooperation with Q-Park, Cegeka has developed Parking-as-a-Smart-Service (PaSS), a cloud solution that makes it possible to drive in and out of a parking garage easily through the use of license plate recognition. The barriers open automatically and payment takes place without the driver’s intervention. This project is a successful part of Cegeka's vision for Smart Cities, which drives the company to offer Smart Solutions to cities. “Smart Mobility is an important aspect in the development of our Smart City platform, which intends to make life in the city more pleasant and efficient by applying innovative solutions”, says Stijn Bijnens, Cegeka’s CEO.

Smart parking

Parking-as-a-Smart-Service (PaSS) makes the barriers open automatically through license plate recognition, and the costs are calculated and paid automatically when you leave the parking garage. Parking tickets are no longer needed. The application is now available in Q-Park car parks, including for KBC Mobile customers.

Important step towards Cegeka's Smart City platform

For Cegeka, Smart Mobility is the first step in the realization of its vision of Smart Cities and the development of a Smart City platform. Cegeka develops various business cases that focus on all aspects of Smart Cities, such as connectivity, electrification and public safety. “In the smart city of the future, consumers expect a personalized and seamless experience. The platform will only be able to unleash its full potential with the arrival of 5G. Cegeka strongly believes in business cases around vertical mobile networks and applications,” Stijn Bijnens adds. “At Cegeka, we are fully aware that we are evolving towards digital ecosystems that are completely user-centric. Drawing from its expertise in applied innovation, Cegeka can play a crucial role in this evolution.”

Useful insights

“Smart Mobility applications such as Parking-as-a-Smart-Service can provide very useful insights for the smart city of the future. They offer the possibility to predict where and when mobility solutions should be deployed,” Stijn Bijnens continues. “Based on the data it gathers, Q-Park will be able to cooperate more efficiently with the government to guide urban traffic flows in the right direction.”

Scalable and future-proof structure

Q-Park is one of the largest European parking providers and has integrated several back- and front-end systems. Q-Park has also invested in software for serving its customers more effectively. In the customized structure developed by Cegeka, the different national Q-Park all share the same back-end systems, websites and e-shops.

“Thanks to this new scalable and future-proof structure, we now have an overview of all parking activities, which we can use to optimize the customer experience,” says Frank De Moor, CEO of Q-Park. For this project, Cegeka deployed a team of 50 employees, who joined forces with Q-Park's domain experts.