Cegeka, the Hasselt-based IT supplier, has named Fabrice Wynants as Director of Security Services. Before joining Cegeka, Wynants worked for Ubizen and Verizon as security expert in several roles.

“In today's world, where mass adoption of the public cloud is a reality, cyber security is critical. It is my firm conviction that Cegeka - as a big believer in cloud-first strategies - needs to be ahead of the curve when it comes to security. I'm not just talking about compliance here, I'm talking about doing our utmost to protect systems and networks, the people that use them and yes, society at large. Cegeka is making considerable investments in cyber security. I am confident that Fabrice - with more than 23 years’ worth of experience in this complex field - is the right man to lead this unit.”

Stijn Bijnens, CEO Cegeka Group.
Stijn Bijnens
Fabrice Wynants

“The current evolution towards hybrid IT environments, comes with a number of challenges: growing complexity, more regulation and thus the introduction of a wide range of risks. Companies first and foremost need a smart end-to-end security approach, that is founded on in-depth technical expertise on the one hand, and a razor sharp insight in their specific (cyber) security risks on the other. Cegeka is well known for its experience in cloud as well as its ambitions in that field. It’s an exciting story, which I am happy to contribute to.”

Fabrice Wynants, Director of Security Services.

From 1997 until 2007, Wynants worked at Ubizen (which was founded by Stijn Bijnens) as a Security Consultant & Presales Director. After that, he moved on to Verizon, where he worked in several roles, such as Sales Manager Cloud & Security Solutions and Regional Sales Manager Security Solutions for the Benelux and France.