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Cegeka Mobilize

Making smart, data-driven decisions

Cegeka Mobilize is a cloud platform that captures mobile data flows and combines them in a single overview: a data platform. By enriching and analysing this data and applying artificial intelligence to it using a digital twin, you can gain real-time insights into the impact of mobility decisions. It is based on the following elements:


Cegeka Mobilize processes data from various data sources and enriches it with data from your own databases and data sources (sensors at traffic lights, dangerous intersections, etc.).

Digital twin

Using a digital twin – an exact, virtual copy of the traffic flow in your city or municipality – you can simulate and experiment freely on a theoretical model, without any impact on the actual traffic.

Artificial intelligence

With the help of artificial intelligence, Mobilize searches for patterns and correlations across data, to simulate and predict how changes such as a new circulation plan, traffic safety measures, changes in speed limits, etc. will affect traffic and safety, both at street and city level.

Simple simulations and predictions for mobility scenarios

Mobilize from Cegeka is a user-friendly platform that helps you visualize traffic patterns and simulate, predict and discuss the impact of changes. Not only does all this save you time and money, it also leads to smoother, safer traffic – and ultimately to a more liveable, accessible and sustainable city.

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Smart mobility in your city or municipality: a how-to guide

Your city is changing and so are its mobility plans. How do you, as a policy maker or mobility expert, ensure that your mobility policy is future-proof? Find out in our latest e-book.

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3 reasons why you should choose Cegeka Mobilize

Are you responsible for updating the mobility plans for your town or city? Do you need to predict the possible impact of a new driving direction, a new school site, a one-way system or an event? Planning ahead means taking a myriad of factors into account. Harnessing data with the right technology is the way forward, but working out how to do this can be hard. Cegeka Mobilize is here to help.

Centralize and combine mobility data from various sources

Centralize and combine mobility data from various sources

Mobility data is owned by various public and private parties, scattered across different systems and often expensive to get your hands on.

Cegeka Mobilize brings all available data streams together in a single data platform – from external time-based, geographical, contextual and behavioural data, to data from your own database and your own sensors. This gives you instant insights into the actual traffic flow situation in your city.

Save time and money: visualize, simulate and predict in no time

Save time and money: visualize, simulate and predict in no time

Developing a mobility plan, making a change to a circulation plan, or redirecting traffic is time-consuming and expensive.

Cegeka Mobilize is a user-friendly cloud platform. You can easily visualize traffic patterns, simulate mobility scenarios and predict how patterns will evolve – all in real time, with real insights just a click away.

Smooth communication with all stakeholders

Smooth communication with all stakeholders

Sharing your views and plans on mobility with the many stakeholders that are involved – from the engineers and city council to the public – can be challenging, to say the least.

Cegeka Mobilize's accurate visualizations speak for themselves: you can share them with all the parties involved in no time at all, so you can create a support base or pull together all the evidence behind your decisions.

Cegeka Mobilize helps you to make mobility choices based on real-time data from your city, rather than just on intuition.

We believe in the power of a digital ecosystem

Our Cegeka Mobilize platform has been created through intensive partnerships with mobility experts and mobility organizations. They share their knowledge of the mobility sector on an ongoing basis, providing valuable feedback on the development of Cegeka Mobilize.

Cegeka Mobilize platform - Partnerships

No tendering procedure required thanks to Smartville

Smartville was co-founded by Cegeka to support local authorities in Flanders and Brussels in becoming a smart town, city or region.

Smartville has a framework agreement with C-smart, the intermunicipal cooperative that acts as a central purchasing body. This way city and town administrations do not have to launch a tendering procedure for purchasing Cegeka Mobilize.

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Why Cegeka?

Combining experience, expertise and a love of learning

With more than 30 years of experience in complex IT solutions, the newest developments in technology hold no secrets for our experts. What's more, we have extensive experience working in the public sector and we know the mobility business inside out.

In close cooperation

As a family-owned, no-nonsense company, we work in close collaboration with your team throughout the entire process: from understanding your needs to delivering the perfect solution.

We make IT work (but think beyond it)

We are not keen on innovation for innovation’s sake. Aiming for business impact above all, at Cegeka we are pragmatic and focus on results and delivery in both the short and long term.

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  • Ken Casier - Cegeka Mobilize

    Ken Casier
    Project Manager at Smart Cities

Cegeka Mobilize is a cloud platform that is available in a subscription formula (as-a-service) - which means you don't need to make major investments.

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