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Healthcare Solutions

The right meal for the right patient at the right time

Cegeka’s C-Meal empowers patients to order their own personalized meals on their own devices, with a variety of options aligned to their medical needs. User friendly for patients, time saving for the staff and easy to combine with other platforms.

What is C-Meal?



Personalized meals based on medical records

From hospitals and care centres to psychiatric institutions: C-Meal offers efficient solutions for a wide range of users in healthcare. The software automatically generates a highly personalized menu, based on the patient’s preferences and medical records. It facilitates the registration, production and distribution of meals, improving the experience for patients and staff.

Web app

With the C-Meal web app the medical staff can easily enter the patient’s preferences from their mobile devices. But patients can also order meals themselves. They can even do this from home, prior to their hospitalization. If they forget to order a meal, patients automatically get the default selection.




Connection with other platforms and systems

C-Meal connects with other platforms and systems. Patients can securely log in with Itsme and connect C-Meal to their medical records on systems like mynexuzhealth. This offers patients a more familiar environment to work in.

Why should your healthcare organization use C-Meal?

Less hassle, more patient time

The C-Meal software unburdens the healthcare staff. No more time-consuming manual ordering of meals based on a long series of criteria, but an automatically generated menu tailored to the patient’s medical needs and wishes.

Improve patient experience

Your healthcare organization can improve the patient experience by giving them full control of their own meals. The straightforward technology of C-Meal and the broad applicability make it the perfect tool for all patients.

Reducing meal waste

C-Meal reduces waste by taking both medical needs and personal preferences into account. The system serves as a useful tool to monitor the patient’s intake of essential nutrients.

Reducing costs

Because C-Meal runs in the cloud, the software is available on every connected device and secures all data, reducing costs for your organization.

Make malnutrition with risk patients visible

More than one in five of hospitalized patients is at risk of malnutrition. This increases the chance of slower wound healing or recovery, readmission and even death. The software helps to tackle malnutrition with at-risk patients by specifying how many nutrients and calories a patient consumes.

Cegeka Healthcare solutions

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Higher patient satisfaction at Heilig Hart Hospital

With C-Meal, serving meals at the Heilig Hart in Leuven got a whole lot easier.

"Patients sometimes say it is just like a hotel here." How meal app C-Meal has made hospital life more straightforward and enjoyable for both staff and patients at the Heilig Hart Hospital in Leuven.

Why Cegeka?

25+ years of healthcare IT experience

Successful IT integration projects require business insights as well as technical knowhow. We combine both. Our expertise in healthcare IT and processes has already led us to innovative solutions, such as Nexuzhealth.

We offer end-to-end services

From the organization of the kitchen to the preparation of the patient’s diet. We analyze your internal workflow and implement C-Meal as an efficient overall meal control system.

We focus on business outcomes

When we implement new IT solutions, we do it to create customer-centricity and digital relevance. To increase your productivity and efficiency. To protect your data and your organization.

We work in close cooperation

As a family-owned, no-nonsense company, we work in close collaboration with your team throughout the entire process. By continuously improving the efficiency of C-Meal, we give you the opportunity to optimize your own processes as well.

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