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Microsoft Azure

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with +600 certified experts, Cegeka is the perfect partner for your Microsoft Azure journey. We are a Microsoft Advanced Specialist for Windows Server and SQL Server Migration.

Our approach


We design your cloud strategy and map out your journey to the cloud. This ensures a smooth transition to the cloud that perfectly matches your needs, all at your own pace. Our Cloud Readiness Assessment and 6R Assessment, among others, will help you get started.


We start building your Azure landing zone, which includes a standardized set of secure cloud infrastructure best practices. In a kick-off project, we set up a small-scaled working solution to demonstrate feasibility and success.


After the fundamental implementations, we perform a mass workload migration to Azure. We set up a Cloud Centre of Excellence which includes the right experts to manage your cloud environment, covering all technologies, infrastructure, security, applications, etc. In this phase, we also refactor specific applications for cloud-native development.


We also take up the daily management of your Azure cloud environment. With clear governance and agreed SLAs/KPIs, we ensure that every platform, application and system remains finely tuned and in perfect shape at all times.

Our capabilities

Advanced specializations

Windows server and SQL server migration
Adoption and change management


Microsoft certifications


Azure certified engineers

12 + 2

Microsoft gold and silver competencies


Azure public cloud customers


Operational services

Our Microsoft Azure-based solutions

Microsoft Azure is a key enabler of the cloud technologies underpinning our solution portfolio. Based on our extensive expertise with all kinds of Microsoft Azure technologies, we have developed a standardized approach that combines the best practices outlined in Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) with Cegeka’s comprehensive experience in managing customer environments that demand the highest levels of operational excellence.

Hybrid Cloud

Cegeka is your guide to a distributed cloud future. We help you navigate the cloud landscape and uncover what’s beyond – so that you can unlock the true potential of cloud capabilities.

Unlock true potential of cloud

Data Solutions

Without data, there is no digital transformation. But data in itself is useless; only companies who use it well can transform their businesses and become truly data driven.

Become a data company

Internet of Things (IoT)

Do you need valuable data? Clever deployment of sensors can bring your organization’s innovation projects to the next level.

Get away from the IoT hype

Application Modernization

Is your IT landscape agile and powerful enough to support your business in today’s rapidly changing environment? By converting legacy applications into a modern IT landscape, you will save costs and boost agility, performance, and security.

Maximize the business value of your IT landscape

Application Development & Maintenance

Organizations that want to stay relevant and thrive in today’s digital era not only have to accelerate their pace of digitization. They also have to be increasingly resilient, to respond to ever-changing environments. Cegeka has the expertise to successfully complete the most complex software development projects and help you future-proof your organization.

Business Processes

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines the very best of Microsoft in a single, central and fully-integrated platform. We are able to implement ERP, CRM and HR solutions, fully aligned with your company’s goals and processes.

Cyber Security

Today, many organizations are digital and data-driven. This makes cybersecurity more important than ever, but also more difficult than ever. How can you quickly detect threats? How should you respond efficiently, and which measures should be in place to effectively mitigate risks? Building a cyber resilient business requires a multifocal approach taking into account people, processes and technology.

Improve your cyber resilience

Digital Workplace

Empower your workforce with a digital workplace that increases the productivity and user experience and reduces complexity and costs. We don’t just implement a tailored solution for your hybrid workplace. We offer high-level security, self-service, reliable support and most importantly: the change management to put your employees in the driver’s seat.

Empower your workforce with a digital workplace

Our Microsoft Azure-based platforms

We can provide customers with several SaaS platforms based on Microsoft Azure technologies.

Cegeka Capacity

The Capacity Platform is a cloud-based platform solution that enables you to turn your existing car park asset into a smart (or smarter) car park and, ultimately, a profitable mobility hub. Capacity is hardware agnostic and able to bring together state-of-the-art technology and partners into a single ecosystem.

Start monetizing your parking assets today

Cegeka Mobilize

Mobilize from Cegeka is a user-friendly platform that helps you visualize traffic patterns and simulate, predict and discuss the impact of changes. Not only does all this save you time and money, it also leads to smoother, safer traffic – and ultimately to a more liveable, accessible and sustainable city.

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Cegeka signed Microsoft Partner Pledge

Cegeka signed Microsoft Pledge Partner

By joining this initiative, we support Microsoft’s global ambition to make a difference for a better future.

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