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Data Solutions

Without data, there is no digital transformation. But data in itself is useless; only companies who use it well can transform their businesses and become truly data driven.

Need help revealing the data insights needed to future-proof your business?

Become a data company

Data is definitively the most valuable asset when it comes to surviving – and thriving – in today’s business environment. We believe that data is more than just a buzzword; it’s essential to gaining a competitive advantage, enabling growth, reducing risks and saving costs.

The three most common challenges on the road to become a data company:

You have trouble collecting and connecting your data sources in a meaningful way.

You need the right technology

Identify and set up the right processes, platforms and technologies. Connect internal and external data to turn it into real business value and growth.

You’ve made investments, but you’re not seeing the results you expected.

Your company needs the right skillsets

Build the right data team that has both technological and data science skills. Find the data-savvy people who understand the company and have profound technological knowledge as well.

Even with the right technology and people in place, you’re still doing things the old way.

Your workforce needs the right mindset

Make data-driven processes part of the organization’s culture. Make data the basis for all business decisions at all levels of the organization.

Our data solutions

Business Intelligence
Making right decisions based on data

How do you turn existing data into actual value for your company? We help you navigate your organization by implementing data warehouses, dashboards and reporting. Because the right insights lead to better business outcomes.
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Data Science
Predictions and automation based on data and AI

Improve your business outcomes by using advanced data technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
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Data Engineering
All your data in the right place

The first step towards becoming a data-driven organization, is to gather and organize your data efficiently. We harmonize your data from any source, any type and at any speed. All on one futureproof cloud data platform.
More about data engineering

Data Governance
Make data manageable, improve quality and real-time monitoring

Getting a grip on data quality and managing, authorizing and organizing your data efficiently, we improve your business outcomes.
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Smart Consulting
Rely on our data expertise

We support the data-driven operation of your data platform by delivering personalised coaching programmes, training and specialist consultations that are integral to your organizational culture.
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Start small, think big

We believe in an approach that is adapted to your company, context and needs. Every enterprise can profit from becoming data-driven, but not at all costs – which is why an experienced partner is invaluable. We carefully analyze your business to ensure that you get actual value from your investment.

Data driven approach


Our Data Intelligence Analysis (DIA) provides you with a 360° view of your needs.

Proof of value

We know that seeing is believing. We measure the value of your use case via a PoV.


We start with a small-scaled implementation, demonstrating a working solution to evaluate feasibility, time and cost.

Project waves

Implementation of the solution via agile rolling waves.

Support & improve

Ensuring support and continuous improvement through a long-term partnership.

Why Cegeka?

We know what we’re talking about

Successful data projects require business insights as well as technical knowhow. We combine both and have data experts that understand your business.

We work with trusted technology partners

Cegeka is a Microsoft Gold partner and deeply experienced with Azure, BI and cloud. But we’re also technology agnostic, meaning we select the right partners and tools for your business.

We work in close cooperation

‘In close cooperation’ is the common thread throughout our growth story. It's the combination of our values. It's the way we have grown with our customers and vice versa, through long-term, trust-based relationships.

We’re a one-stop-shop

We offer end-to-end solutions to achieve tangible results and create real value. We can do this because we have over 100 professionals that understand your business context as well as your data.

Showing, not telling

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  • Kristel Demotte - Global VP Data Solutions

    Kristel Demotte
    Global VP Data Solutions