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Data Engineering

All your data in the right place

The first step towards becoming a data-driven organization, is to gather and organize your data efficiently. We harmonize your data from any source, any type and at any speed. All on one futureproof cloud data platform.


Handle all types of data sources

Are your new data sources getting more complex? Our reference architecture cloud data platform is adapted to your needs and will help you manage data of any variety, velocity and volume securely and cost-effectively.

Take advantage of the cloud

Store and process larger volumes of data and gain control of your information flows. Use the cloud to quickly combine the right data and gain real-time insights for your business.

Our data engineering solutions

Data platform modernization

Phase out old legacy infrastructure and modernize your data platform. We build a data platform that is fundamentally futureproof.

Cloud data platform reference architecture

Our reference architecture is able to handle any type of data and delivers a futureproof, flexible and cost-effective platform.

Data migration

Struggling with large amounts of data, scattered throughout data silos and legacy systems? We harmonize and securely manage and migrate your data.

FAIR data points & data FAIRification

Findability. Accessibility. Interoperability. Reusability. These are the guiding principles for describing, storing and publishing data.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Manage big data from all your IoT devices and machines in a cost-efficient and secure way.

Cloud First approach webinar

Get more from your data with a Cloud First approach

By linking data streams to a modern Cloud data platform, you can glean valuable insights from your business data. Discover Cegeka’s proven approach in this on-demand webinar.

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Cloud Data Platform with Cegeka Reference Architecture

Cegeka developed a Cloud Data Platform Reference Architecture. This best-in-class architecture combines industry best practices with insights from years of data and AI expertise within Cegeka and guarantees a reliable, sustainable and future-proof data platform. Data Engineering is key to make sure data is accessible and made understandable. The architecture consists of a layered structure where data is processed, each layer has its specific characteristics and responsibilities and this division ensures a sustainable, flexible and reliable whole. This is necessary in a moving business context where a data platform has to meet changing requirements over time and have to handle any type of data, while reliability remains the focus from the role as the 'single version of the truth'.

Data Solutions

Become a data company

We believe data is more than just a buzzword. It is essential for an organization to enable growth, reduce risks and save costs. Listen to our story and take a look at all our data solutions:

Why Cegeka?

We have the knowhow

We offer end-to-end solutions to achieve tangible results and create real value. How? Because we have over 100 professionals that understand your business context and data.

We’re a one-stop-shop in data solutions

Data engineering, data governance, business intelligence and data science: we offer the whole package.

A proven track record

We have strong references, proven user cases and an approach that goes beyond a proof of value.

Microsoft Gold partner for data analytics

We’re a certified Microsoft Gold partner, enabling you to apply powerful platforms like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI.

Reference cases

Here are some of our recent projects that will show you exactly what we’re talking about.

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  • Kristel Demotte

    Kristel Demotte
    Global VP Data Solutions