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What is RPA?

RPA is a technology for automating business processes by means of virtual software robots. These (sub)processes require manual intervention and steal unnecessary amounts of our time.

RPA: faster, cheaper and more efficient

RPA bots automate simple and structured tasks. Result? Your employees are happier and have more time to make a difference, while RPA bots perform the routine tasks faster, more efficiently and cheaper.

Four challenges where RPA can help

There are many challenges in the business world. We will discuss four examples where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can at least be part of the solution: war for talent, compliance, legacy and agility.

What is cognitive RPA?

Classical RPA is limited to structured and relatively simple processes where little to no interpretation is needed, but what if we link up AI in the same process? Then we’re talking about cognitive RPA or Smart Process Automation.

3 principles towards sustainable agility

In our ever-faster changing digital world, flexibility is a crucial differentiating factor. Agility can be the answer, but where to start?