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Cegeka Business Insight Suite

Get crystal-clear insights from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX. At the touch of a button, thanks to our ready-to-use BI solution.

What is CBI?

Always have a lot of trouble getting reports from Dynamics? Do they rarely provide the information you want? Are you looking for a flexible system, but is a traditional BI solution too expensive?

Then make the switch to the Cegeka Business Insight Suite.

  • Retrieve data from various business processes in Dynamics.
  • This is how you obtain clear business insights ...
  • ... without the need for a large-scale BI implementation.
  • Present the insights in your trusted visualization tool.
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Why CBI?

Central database

Always get the right numbers at your fingertips. Transform the insights gained into insightful tables and charts in your trusted visualization tool.

Data from multiple sources

With Cegeka Business Insight Suite you can collect and analyze data in a targeted manner. Not only from your ERP system, but also from other valuable sources.

Fast and simple

Our tool provides lightning-fast insights into your activities, figures and performance to make the right business decisions every time. The plug and - play deployment can get started right away.

Microsoft technology

CBI is built on Microsoft technology. In this way we guarantee a robust software architecture that is easy to integrate with other Microsoft solutions.

Cegeka Business Insight Suite offers organizations user-friendly, high-performance and multi-source reporting options.

CBI in four steps


Centralize your business data. Bring data from Dynamics and other sources into one accessible location.


A Data Warehouse becomes the new home of your data. There, data is stored and enriched.


Get instant access to the numbers you need with targeted searches, thanks to BI.


Consult the insights gained in a tool of your choice, such as Power BI, Excel, Targit or Qlik .

CBI Strategic Guide

The quest for business insights

Today, data is everywhere, but not every company makes wisely use of the growing data overwhelm. A stumbling block that is relegated to the past by the Cegeka Business Insight Suite.

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Discover the added value in the CBI guide

Not in the mood for a tough, traditional BI process?

Consider CBI as an alternative