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Connecting health
in close cooperation

Our mission

We improve the overall healthcare experience by creating leading digital solutions and connecting individuals, processes and systems within the healthcare ecosystem.​

Improving patient experiences

How? By putting the patient at the heart of the healthcare journey. A patient-driven digital strategy and a short time-to-market of new software, developed in close cooperation with the right stakeholders, improves both satisfaction and the quality of care.

Solving ever-growing IT complexity

Healthcare providers want to scale their operations and optimize their efficiency. More than ever, the focus is on delivering value. They’ll have to move form IT chaos to IT value in order to align their strategy to the market's needs.


Increasing healthcare productivity

Digitization and automation drive productivity and efficiency. The right digital workplace is an important enabler of internal productivity. It also unburdens IT and enhances the quality of work. From strategy to execution and adoption: our digital workplace solutions are output-driven.

Creating data-driven care

There is a growing demand for qualitative optimization and prevention of patient care. But how can we respond? By using available data or capturing additional data and translating it into valuable insights.

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The new platform makes communicating with patients and other departments much easier.

Katrien van Gerven,
General Manager Heilig Hart Leuven

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Healthcare ecosystem

Connecting the ecosystem


Patients are the main focus, we develop patient-centric solutions. Improving quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare.

The health care industry & Pharma

The healthcare and pharmaceutical sector are key by integrating them in the ecosystem, healthcare will be more effective and efficient in the future.

Cure/ Care/ Service providers

We facilitate cure, care and service providers to enable them to focus fully on their core competences: caring & curing for a better healthcare.


The government is looking for data-driven and affordable healthcare. By connecting the government to our healthcare systems we create a win-win by introducing cost savings and value driven healthcare.


Facilitating clear, transparent partnerships between hospitals

Nexuzhealth was founded in December 2016 as a joint venture between UZ Leuven and Cegeka. The partnership is based on the existing Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system. Thanks to the KWS EPR software, nexuzhealth guarantees both the further development and optimalisation of the solution as its implementation in all the associated hospitals.

Why choose Cegeka?

Healthcare has been part of Cegeka’s DNA for more than 25 years now. We have unrivaled experience in the industry and continue to expand it every day. We work in close cooperation, which means we work together with our customers. We provide them with advice and assistance. Much like healthcare providers do for their patients.

We have over 25 years of expierence in Healthcare IT

Healthcare is a complicated business – not just for patients but for all healthcare stakeholders. With years of experience in the sector, Cegeka understands these complications. For years now our 150 healthcare IT professionals have been developing solutions, which enable better healthcare.

We work in close cooperation

When you enter Cegeka, you become part of a family. As a family-owned IT solutions provider, we work in close cooperation with our customers. Our client relationships are built on trust, resulting in more than 100 healthcare organizations already relying on Cegeka's expertise. We don’t work for you; we work with you.

We focus on business outcomes

At Cegeka, we firmly believe in a pragmatic approach. When we implement new IT solutions, we do it to create customer-centricity and digital relevance. To increase your productivity and efficiency. To protect your data and your organisation. In other words, we help you become part of the digital ecosystem.

We deliver end-to-end solutions and services

We start by researching the possibilities of emerging trends and technologies that can be valuable for your organisation. We then build and integrate solutions in and beyond the cloud. Finally, we manage and optimize your business processes, applications and infrastructure.

Services and solutions

> Digital Strategies

A pragmatic IT roadmap based on 3 components guaranteeing your digital relevancy
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Customers/users
Our approach
  • Result-driven workshops
  • Customer/user research
  • Prototyping
  • Design thinking methods
  • High level architecture and plan
  • Deeper customer/user understanding
  • Assessing and dehyping technology
  • Business growth and security


> Software services

Cloud native development based on reusable components delivered from our high-quality agile software factory.

Our approach
  • Business analysis
  • Development (incl. low code)
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Continuous release
  • Future-proof development
  • Cost efficiency
  • Reliability and predictability
  • Business-oriented
  • Speed to market

> Business Intelligence

  • Cloud Based Business Intelligence
  • Big Data Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence Development
  • Machine Learning Platforms
  • Data Lakes / Data Warehouses
Our approach
  • Data Intelligence Analysis
  • Proof of Value
  • Pilot
  • Project Waves
  • Support and Improve
  • Gain better insights into the management and financial status of your organization through dashboards and reports
  • Simplify data management and data storage
  • Boost the marketing department with lead scoring algorithms, customer segmentation, etc.
  • Analyze your processes and optimize them based on objective data insight

> Digital workplace

  • Business applications and insights
  • Communication and collaboration platforms
  • Personalized experience
  • Security services
  • Infra and enabling technologies (multi-cloud)
Our approach
  • Proven methodology for implementing workplaces
  • Design, build, POC, pilot, roll-out, manage and user adoption
  • “Always up-to-date” on all workplace domains (functionality, applications, device & security)
  • User-centric philosophy with proactive user adoption approach
  • Increase productivity and focus on core tasks through smarter tools and automated processes

> Application modernization

  • Container platform
    • Managed platform to support containers in a controlled environment
  • Integration platform
    • API gateway / Enterprise service bus
  • DevOps
    • Cloud native app development
    • Application transformation
Our approach
Discover, determine, migrate, go-live
Use the 6 R approach:
  • Re host
  • Re platform
  • Re purchase
  • Re factor
  • Re tain
  • Re tire
  • Future-proof application landscape with integration of legacy
  • Focus on functional rather than technical integration
  • More agile IT processes (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery)
  • Scalability & cloud portability

> Edge computing

  • Platform functionality in 1 single box, single management pane
  • Software defined (networks, datacenters, storage)
  • Certified solutions – A-brands
  • Extension of datacenter functionalities
Our approach
  • Seamless approach from design to implementation and 24/7 management and support
  • More efficient on-premise infrastructure with a small datacenter footprint
  • Single/integrated management pane – increased speed, decreased errors
  • Local processing of large data sets to increase speed and reduce bandwidth

> Cloud computing

  • Orchestration of workloads maximizing benefits of a multi-cloud landscape
  • From cloud assessments over optimal usage of different cloud resources to operational management of different cloud models
Our approach
  • Identification, transformation and management of multi-cloud environment
  • We evaluate your core, Shoot for the Stars, Retain your legacy and move on commodity
  • Cegeka is your cloud consultant, integrator, coordinator, broker, innovator
  • Leverage the right and relevant cloud functionalities
  • Life cycle management of a dynamic cloud solution portfolio
  • Cloud governance to control cost, security and compliancy

> Cyber security

  • Offering an integrated set of services to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats, helping your business to focus on what matters
  • Providing insight and control over who has access to your data and applications
Our approach
  • Business-oriented: start with why
  • In close cooperation & pragmatic
  • Sustainable (people, process & technology)
  • Leveraging partnerships
  • Supported by market best practices & standards
  • Integration focus
  • Zero trust principle
  • Lets you focus on core business activities
  • Facilitates a carefree and agile cooperation within your business and with your business partners
  • Cost effectiveness (meeting objectives) and cost efficiency (ROI)

Products: C-Meal

C-meal patient webapp optimizes efficiency within healthcare institutions and empowers patients to choose and order their own personalized meals via their own device adjusted to their medical needs. This leading digital solution connects individuals to processes and systems improving overall healthcare experience: from self-order to chef.

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