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Turn industry challenges into opportunities

With increasing customer demands for traceability, an certification, innumerable product combinations, daily changing produce prices and uncertainty in supply and demand, the administrative and operational challenges in the agri & fresh industry require specific solutions. We provide the tools and industry expertise to help you transform these challenges into opportunities.

  • Lot administration

    In trading agricultural products, the purchase prices for sourced products are typically settled with suppliers afterwards, based on realized revenues and varying supply chain costs. Our Lot Evaluation solution captures and projects all these revenues and costs and helps to define the purchase prices with the supplier.

  • Increasing customer demands

    Customers expect products to comply with an increasing set of requirements: certifications, specifications and traceability. Our solution matches the available stock to customers demand, while complying to his specifications. The tracking & tracing dashboard provides the full traceability between grower and delivery.

  • Operational excellence

    Price volatility requires close monitoring of margins, and uncertainty in finance and operations. Stay ahead of these challenges with the right up-to-date and flexible financial and operational overview.

  • Data-driven supply chain

    From growers to co-op’s and customers: data sharing outside your organization is required to integrate, organize and optimize efficiency across the supply chain.

Cegeka combines the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with real-world industry knowledge to help you thrive as a connected company.


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Microsoft Dynamics solutions for the agri & fresh industry

  • Production

    Waste management, certification, sort, process, pack and ripe.

  • Trade

    Fast order entry, lot evaluation with grower return, pricing, grower management

  • Supply Chain Management

    Product dimensions, availability – product/quality, trade dashboard.

  • Advanced Warehousing

    Flexible setup of warehouse processes, mobile warehousing (with integrated scanning)

  • Quality Management

    Advanced quality management, customer specifications, mobile quality control, tracking, tracing and recall 

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for your ‘agri & fresh’ company

  • Inherently adapted to the requirements of the agri & fresh industry
  • A scalable standard solution with added features that allow intercompany processes
  • Agile and quickly adaptable to changing client demands
  • User-friendly functionalities that are actually used by your team

"We looked for -and found- a partner in Cegeka who can help us further now and after the implementation. Cegeka has expert consultants and broad ICT knowledge. That, combined with the structured and professional impression Cegeka gave us during the selection, was decisive for our choice"

Wydo van der Lee, Projectleider ICT strategie - CZAV

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