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How to increase productivity with low-code business apps

In a time when IT resources are scarce and standardized tools are the norm, there is a huge demand for easy, flexible and cost-efficient custom solutions for specific business challenges. With Microsoft Power Platform, both professionals and end users can create low-code or no-code business apps. Here’s how to introduce Power Platform in your company, so your teams can create these apps themselves.   

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It’s a low-code development platform based on Dynamics 365, with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows practically anyone to create business apps that bridge the gap between business and IT.

What can you do with it? Analyze data, develop applications, automate processes, create virtual agents … It essentially allows your teams to quickly respond to changing business needs in a cost-effective way.  

Where Power Platform really shines? Automating manual and/or inefficient processes that can’t be covered by existing applications – either because it takes too long or because there’s no capacity. 

The best part? It doesn't just integrate with the Microsoft suite. Power Platform is easy to connect with Salesforce, Dataverse, Oracle, SAP and SQL, and also lets you create custom connections where needed.

The benefits of Power Platform 

  • Increase efficiency: Digitize manual processes, reduce paperwork and human errors, make data available in real-time and collaborate more effectively with digital applications.

  • Improve quality: Free up time to focus on what really matters, so your team can generate more added value and provide even more quality to your customers.

  • Reduce costs and optimize your resources: Average development costs are 74% lower with Power Apps. In-house-developed applications eliminate vendor license costs.

  • Reduce shadow IT: Many companies have a lot of apps and tools floating around. This shadow IT is inefficient and exposes your business to security risks. Low-code apps reduce shadow IT with quick and easy tools in one central layer.  
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A guide to success

The Ten Commandments of the Power Platform

Where to start? What to look out for?  Do's and don'ts? Discover our ten practical, advisory guidelines for a succesful Power Platform journey.

How to introduce Power Platform in your company

Power Platform is all about creating a community in your company to develop business apps, without relying on external developers. But how do you start using Power Platform in your company? How do users recognize which business processes can be automated? How to guarantee user adoption and security? What kind of rules do you apply? 

Looking for a Power Platform partner to guide you all the way through the implementation, from governance to user adoption? We’ve got you covered.  

We offer our Power Platform services standalone or as an entire program. 

  • Power Platform introduction (workshops, business value assessment, solution assessment, solution demonstration, proposal) 
  • Power Platform adoption program (business readiness assessment, program management, low-code coaching, project management) 
  • Power Platform governance program (empowerment, advisory, performance)

Power Platform governance

Governance is crucial for the effective and secure use of Power Platform. By controlling who has access to sensitive data and resources, enforcing policies and standards and mitigating risks, it helps ensure that the platform is used in a consistent, controlled, and compliant manner. It also enables organizations to optimize their use of Power Platform by ensuring that resources are used efficiently and effectively, and that the platform is aligned with business objectives. 


Power Platform, Power Pages, Power BI, Power Automate … What’s the difference?

Microsoft’s Power Platform is the central platform from which you can build apps, websites, automate, analyze data and much more. With one license, you gain access to all Power Platform tools.   


  What is Power Apps?  

Empower anyone to build low-code applications quickly and hassle-free. Curious to see how it works? Check out episode 1 of our tutorial series on Microsoft Power Apps


  What is Power BI?  

Create a single source of truth with this end-to-end BI Platform and uncover valuable business insights through intuitive data visualization. 


  What is Power Automate? 

Increase efficiency and reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks and straightforward processes. Check out our Techsplained episode on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to discover the possibilities of Power Automate.  


  What is Power Virtual Agent? 

Create efficient AI-powered chatbots that are fully customized to your company’s needs with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Have a look at our Techsplained episode on Power Virtual Agents. 


  What is Power Pages? 

Power Pages allows all your employees to quickly create professional websites. Discover our Techsplained episode on Power Pages to find out how it works.  

ERP Surround and Power Platform

Did you know you can also leverage Power Platform to take your ERP system to the next level? By building custom ERP-surrounding solutions in Power Platform, companies can quickly develop custom solutions that are intuitive and efficient, all while leaving the core of the ERP untouched. This enables them to optimize complex and time-consuming ERP processes, minimize errors – saving time and money – and ensure the quality of their data. 


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Where can I learn Power Platform fundamentals?

Check out our insights and Techsplained series for the first inspiration. Looking for a more in-depth tutorial on Power Apps? Our colleague JocheSchalley made a tutorial series on Power Apps.

Looking for a training?

Discover the possibilities of Power Platform during our 'App in a Day' sessions 

Looking for more events?

Discover our event page where we offer plenty of Power App training events.


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