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Managed Integration Service

In an ever-changing world, digitalization of business processes to support the operational reality of companies have come a long way. As lots of companies built-up an impressive digital landscape of software, solutions and platforms, the need arises to take a step back and look at how these different building blocks are interconnected.


Connecting software and services through process integration across your organization and beyond

Glue data, applications and people

Simplifies B2B integration

Quikly respond to market changes

Monitor your business processes

Deliver faster and cost-efficient


Streamline your processes

Cegeka’s managed integration service allows you to integrate applications and partners in a universal and flexible way. Configuration is centralized and integration can be managed from a single location: Integrating becomes trivial. On a higher level, your business agility gets a boost while integration costs are reduced. Your organization will be prepared for a digital, heavily connected and data-driven future.

Roadmap to integration

The first objective is to discover high-potential integration use-cases. We have a workshop-based approach to identify potential use-cases, ROI and integration roadmap creation.


We activate the integration service tailored to your organization’s needs with continious monitoring & alerting. Next to that we enable/configure value-added services on top of your integration solution.


While making sure that your integrations are functioning optimally, we ensure that it also remains cost-efficient, performant, secure and compliant.


Why choose Cegeka?

In Close Cooperation

Cegeka ensures close guidance  during the entire process: from defining the scope to offering a concrete roadmap. 

We go end-to-end

Cegeka offers end-to-end modular software and hardware solutions and expertise from think to run.

Business & technical expertise

We cherry-pick from our huge pool of innovative technologies that are suited to the specific needs of your context. 

Use Cases

Your service towards your end-customers is backed by multiple departments each using their own applications and tools for their day-to-day operations. Software is maintained by IT and hosted in different environments and locations.


Implementing and launching new services is time-consuming and cumbersome. IT cannot keep up with the demand from the business, making it difficult for the business to respond to new opportunities in a fashionable time.


iPaaS streamlines your processes by connecting your data, applications and partners. It securely harmonizes and extends your software landscape in a standard and convenient way. You will be able to activate applications and partners fast and cost-efficiently while ensuring business continuity across your organization.

Throughout the years, you have built a solid customer base with profitable margins. To improve customer satisfaction and optimize internal efforts, you are transforming into a full digital business model.


New players have entered your market and are building innovative services for your end-customers. These players are focussing on specific sub-domains and are leveraging the latest technologies. You want to stay ahead of the market and don’t want to loose your customer base.


iPaaS allows you stay on top of your business and customers. It enables you to enrich your offering with partners services while still owning the relationship with your customers. If desired, you can easily introduce new partners or silently replace partner services with your own.

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