RPA takes robotic tasks away from humans. Although bots can take over certain tasks from human beings, they are not capable of doing everything that man can do. But with RPA bots automating simple and structured tasks, we humans can focus on the more creative tasks where humans beat machines every time. The result? Your employees are happier and have more time to make a difference, while bots perform the routine tasks faster, cheaper and more efficiently.


  • An RPA bot does not need lunch breaks, sleep or leave. A bot works every day of the year 24 hours a day, and does that on average about four times faster than a person. In addition, it can execute multiple processes simultaneously and formulate feedback faster.

  • RPA makes long and expensive IT integrations with existing legacy systems or development projects unnecessary in many cases. The short duration of RPA projects gives you the chance to work in an agile way and achieve success quickly.


  • A robot costs only a fraction of a full-time employee and takes over the work of three to ten full-time workers. The cost savings are enormous, and the time freed up for your employees can be used in smarter and more efficient manner.

  • RPA projects are projects with a relatively low investment, but a fast and very positive return on investment. Investments in RPA are usually recouped within the first year of implementation.

Greater efficiency

  • Where, for example, people sometimes dare to make a typing error in repetitive tasks, bots never make human mistakes. Quality is guaranteed and revision work is avoided.

  • Every action of an RPA bot is logged, giving you a detailed overview if something goes wrong. Bots perform everything in a structured manner in accordance with the compliance rules of your organisation.