Overcome 3 common HR challenges in projects and services companies


Deal with today's 3 most common HR challenges and thrive as a projects and services company

With a KPN Consulting case story

In many project and services companies, streamlined HR processes are key to the success of their operations. HR professionals, however, are facing multiple challenges that may put a deep strain on the company’s resources and leadership if left unsolved.  

 So how can you adapt and overcome those challenges? Find out in detail in the following webinar. Don’t have time to watch a twenty-minute video? We get it – that’s why we summarized the key takeaways in a blog post as well. 


The 3 most common HR challenges - and how to overcome them

For most HR professionals in project and services companies, the top priority is carefully selecting the best possible resource(s) to meet a customer’s specific demand. But how do you find that single employee or expert team with the exact skillsets and knowledge needed to successfully achieve this goal?  


To set yourself up for success, you’ll need to tackle these three common HR challenges.  

HR challenges 1: distributed data

You’re manually browsing through data in different tools and applications. You’re comparing Excel sheets filled with your teams’ competencies with the information in your payroll system. And you’re flicking through yet another folder containing every employee’s completed courses and obtained certifications. Your computer is minutes away from crashing.  

Data management for project resources is a real issue for many project and services companies. Keeping this scattered information up to date is a cumbersome endeavor and the risk of incorrectly duplicating information across systems is high.  


How do you solve this problem? 

Move all personnel data into one HR tool. This not only gives you a single version of the truth, but it also unburdens you by offering full overview of your company’s resources and project resource administration. 

HR challenge 2: no process for keeping track of evolving competences

You’re losing a lot of time actively following up on every single employee’s course progress and due dates for certification renewals. If you don’t put in the work, you risk overlooking people more qualified for a certain job or allocating a technician whose mandatory certification just expired.  

Easy access to the latest status regarding your team’s skills, competencies and certifications is a challenge you’re probably familiar with as an HR professional. It can cause a lot of overhead and frustration and distract you from your more employee-centric tasks. 


How do you solve this problem? 


Facilitate self-service HR. Empower your employees to keep track of their progress and certifications themselves by handing them an easy-to-use and straightforward data administration tool.

HR challenge 3: distributed workforce

You’re struggling to keep track of your colleagues’ availabilities and locations because they’re working remotely or distributed across different cities or even countries. On top of that you’re juggling between standard and more complex employment relationships like freelancing and project-based workers.  

The ever-changing working environment we’re in today requires a lot of manual interventions from HR professionals. The lack of general organizational agility makes it hard to adapt and obtain a future-proof look at the company’s structure. 

How do you solve this problem? 


Turn to a responsive web-based HR application which integrates with your digital workplace and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from every device. Automate processes and workflows to increase productivity and your ability to adapt to change.

How we helped KPN ICT Consulting overcome all 3 HR challenges

With the HR solution Cegeka implemented at KPN ICT Consulting, the company was able to streamline resource data and deliver their projects more successfully than ever before. They now benefit from:  


  • a complete and integrated overview of all personnel data 
  • HR self-service pages accessible at all times 
  • user-friendly overview of all certifications company wide  
  • notifications for expiring certifications in a set timeframe 
  • fit gap analysis functionality 
  • job profiling tool  

 How does this all work from employee, manager and HR professional’s point of view? Check out the demo in the webinar below (starting at 7:00). 

Webinar: Facilitate your HR journey

Twenty-minute wisdom from HR professional and business solutions architect Tom Haeck – with an in-depth case study of the challenges faced by KPN ICT Consulting and a clear demo of how our HR solution helped respond to them. 

HR challenges in Projects and Services

Ready to master your HR processes?

Connect your HR processes with your employees and operations to tackle all HR challenges you’re struggling with today in your project and services company. Not sure how? We’re here to help you at every step of the way!  


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