ADA: Increased networking with Dynamics 365 ERP

Thomas HankiewiczChief Information Officer, ADA Möbelwerke



  • Outdated ERP solutions

  • Lack of networking between locations

  • Inefficient, manual processes


  • Digitalizing processes

  • Introducing user-oriented working methods

  • Establishing a corporate mindset

  • Networking all locations and exploiting synergy effects

"ADA Möbelwerke – 65 years of experience, craftsmanship and expertise in furniture"

From a small rope factory to an international furniture manufacturer: today, ADA stands for durable and high-quality furniture, high vertical integration and individuality. As the largest producer of upholstered furniture, beds and mattresses in Austria and one of the leaders in Europe, the family-owned company from Eastern Styria is among the big players in the furniture business. With around 2,500 employees at five production sites in Austria, Hungary and Romania, ADA is securely positioned throughout Europe.


What was the aim of the ERP project with Cegeka?

The aim was to create an inter-company solution that would bring together all five subsidiaries (at six sites in three different countries). ADA’s internal processes were fully digitalized using Microsoft Dynamics. The furniture factories now benefit from more efficient process management and a transparent manufacturing process that makes the individual steps traceable.

“The introduction of Dynamics 365 at ADA has strengthened our corporate mindset."

- Thomas Hankiewicz, CIO at ADA Möbelwerke

Why choose Cegeka as a Dynamics 365 partner?

According to Thomas Hankiewicz, CIO of ADA, the company did not take long over the fundamental decision to introduce Dynamics 365 with the help of a partner that ADA could work with on an equal footing. Past experience convinced the team that Cegeka (formerly Solutions Factory) was the right partner for the project.

“An ERP project always means a major change to the processes and the organization itself. Targeted project management and controlling have enabled us to react very quickly to emerging challenges and changes in scope.”

- Thomas Hankiewicz, CIO at ADA Möbelwerke

ADA Kundenreferenz2_CBSHow was the project structured?

There was a classic project kick-off with plenty of meetings and proposals. Following a series of negotiations, the partners agreed on their goals, non-goals and the project timing, and then the contracts were drawn up.

Consultancy, project management and key user teams for the internal implementation at ADA were set up for the project. In each area, Cegeka provides support with experts in the field and a project manager for the overall project. ADA also designated a project manager and several key users.

At monthly meetings on a set date, the decision-makers exchange information so they can determine the current project status and make key decisions. Specifically, these are a member of the executive management board and the project manager from Cegeka, as well as the two board members and the CIO of ADA.

“The Cegeka team always focuses on finding solutions. You just feel like you’re in good hands!"

- Thomas Hankiewicz, CIO at ADA Möbelwerke

What are the specific challenges of ERP projects?

Good coordination and willingness to change are two of the most important factors in large IT projects, Thomas Hankiewicz believes. Often, not enough time is spent on the initial costing, which means that projects sometimes have a budget that is too tight.

ERP projects in particular require a lot of experience and flexibility, because the unexpected will always happen in long-term projects. So it’s important to build sufficient buffers into your plans. In long-term projects, the project management team also needs to keep people on track and consistently make the best of every situation.

“You definitely need an experienced partner who has already successfully carried out ERP implementations. What is more, you need to be generous with your timing and set realistic goals.”

- Thomas Hankiewicz, CIO at ADA Möbelwerke

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

For Thomas Hankiewicz, himself an experienced ERP project manager, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best decision in terms of features as well as from an economic perspective.

In his view, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is much easier to roll out than many of its market competitors and ahead of the game in terms of user friendliness. The interfaces are intuitive, and anyone who has worked with Office will find it easy to work with Dynamics as well. Individual adjustments are possible if needed or desired.

“Cegeka has injected a great deal of specialist know-how from a wide range of industries and knowledge relating to Microsoft ERP. Right from the beginning, you have successfully supported our transformation into a connected company.”

- Thomas Hankiewicz, CIO at ADA Möbelwerke
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