D'Ieteren moves to an integrated logistics chain

Pol Van WesembeeckHead of Logistics & Development, D'Ieteren



  • Optimize the entire Supply Chain process
  • Prepare the hub for future business segments
  • Integrate new and existing applications into one solution


  • A future-proof, unified ERP platform
  • Extensive supply chain automation
  • Insights to quickly detect and fix issues

Solution & technology

"Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives us the agility to anticipate and prepare for tomorrow's automotive business."

D'Ieteren moves towards an integrated, automated and future-proof logistics chain

When you’re the country’s exclusive distributor of brands like Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley and Porsche, to say that logistics are important would be an understatement. So when D’Ieteren decided to optimize its spare parts supply chain and prepare it for tomorrow’s business strategy, the stakes were high. Cegeka supported D’Ieteren’s transformation towards a connected company through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, while avoiding downtime and maintaining swift customer service.



D’Ieteren is the exclusive distributor of all Volkswagen brands in Belgium (including Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Porsche). From its 44.000 m² logistics hub, the automotive player imports and distributes around 2,000,000 spare parts to 300 Belgian car dealers. Needless to say, seamless customer service is high on the agenda when more than 1.2 million Belgian end-users are counting on you.

Two drivers for a connected company

The need for a new, modern ERP solution at D’Ieteren was twofold. In order to maintain its competitive edge, the entire chain required extensive integration and automation – from supply, inventory and customer ordering through to transportation. “Every day, we receive 4 to 5 rail freight containers, 6 to 7 trucks and around 50 smaller deliveries of spare parts”, explains Pol Van Wesembeeck, Head of Logistics & Development at D’Ieteren. “In total, our dealers are able to order 2.2 million products. And there are times when we need to be able to deliver to them within 24 hours.”


On top of these operational challenges, there was also a long-term strategic reason to become a connected company. “We wanted be ready for the automotive industry of tomorrow”, continues Pol. “Rapid vehicle electrification is happening even as we speak. This means that we’ll probably need less car parts in the future, but at the same time, new market segments such as car charging stations are opening up. Our new Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP platform enables us to anticipate these new opportunities in a more flexible and agile way.”

"Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives us the agility to anticipate and prepare for tomorrow's automotive business."

- Pol Van Wesembeeck, Head of Logistics & Development at D'Ieteren

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One team, tackling three silos

A market study pointed out that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations was the platform best suited to future-proof the Belgian hub. “The new ERP solution integrates three existing systems: the internal warehouse transport, the part sorting system, and the transportation software”, says Geert Van Zeir, Solution Architect at Cegeka. “Additional monitoring tools and control mechanisms throughout all these processes give D’Ieteren the insights to quickly detect and fix weak links in the supply chain.”

"Cegeka's experts blended seamlessly into our project team. That's what I call in close cooperation"

- Pol Van Wesembeeck, Head of Logistics & Development at D'Ieteren

Making the switch from a 1993 legacy system without any downtime was obviously no walk in the park. Pol: “We knew we had to move our best operations people over to this project. They worked in close collaboration with Cegeka’s experts, who were able to blend seamlessly into our ERP team. As the project progressed, it was virtually impossible to tell the difference between Cegeka’s people and ours. That’s what I call in close cooperation.”


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