Empowering LMS365's distributed HR teams worldwide

Zahra KhiareHead of People & Culture, LMS365



  • Distributed teams across multiple countries
  • Scattered employee data
  • No unified HR processes


  • Digitized HR processes
  • Centralized cloud platform
  • Single source of truth for all HR data
  • Useful insights and evaluations
"It felt like we were creating real relationships with the people over at Cegeka. Their approach makes implementing new software easy."

Millions of users turn to LMS365’s learning platform to upgrade their skills throughout the workday. With LMS365, the company empowers organizations around the globe to keep their distributed teams engaged and reach their full potential. By centralizing LMS365’s HR data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR, Cegeka helped bring clarity, simplicity and a ‘single source of HR truth’ to their own teams.

Remote work puts companies to the test

Establishing a highly engaged, effectively trained workforce isn’t easy – especially when your employees are dotted across different locations, cities or even countries. The learning platform LMS365 helps companies overcome the challenges. Since LMS365 is built into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Teams, it ensures that learning opportunities are available at employees’ fingertips through any device, regardless of where they are located.

Managing distributed teams is a reality that LMS365 lives by every day too. With 85 employees dispersed over multiple offices in Europe, the US and Australia, remote collaboration is part of the company’s culture. Keeping track of all employee data, however, became more and more challenging as the company grew.

Zahra Khiare, Head of People & Culture at LMS365: “All managers had their own recruiting approaches and systems of storing employee records. As more people joined the company, HR processes became more complex as well. We needed to find a way to easily involve other people in our processes and unburden the managers.”



A cloud platform as a ‘single source of truth’

A centralized HR platform would do the trick. Cegeka suggested moving all employee data from cross-country offices into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Elke Roels, Business Development Manager at Cegeka, explains: “This enables all HR managers to work with a ‘single source of truth’. No more scattered data across Excel sheets or diverse tools, no more frustrations and mistakes. Instead, employees benefit from a streamlined HR workflow which considerably reduces administration time.”

Zahra: “We were already partners with Cegeka before this implementation was on the table. They know our solution inside out and have a lot of experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR. That’s why they were the first on our minds when we went looking for HR guidance.”

“Cegeka was a logical choice for our HRM implementation. They understand how our company works and their extensive HR experience puts my mind at ease.”

- Zahra Khiare, Head of People & Culture at LMS365

Smooth sailing from start to finish

In only two months, the foundations were laid for LMS365’s modern HR experience. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR, all HR tasks from onboarding to payroll, reporting and learning and development are clearly organized across all international offices.

Zahra: “Implementing new software always raises some concerns, since the processes involved are usually very complex. It was nerve-wracking for me at first, but the experts at Cegeka quickly made me feel at ease. The whole process was completely painless.”

As with every implementation project Cegeka takes on, the Cegeka SureValue approach made the journey transparent, manageable and frictionless from start to finish. Elke concurs: “As much as we are responsible for the outcome, it’s also very important for us to work closely together with our customers. By providing them with hands-on training using real company data, we make sure that employees quickly get the hang of the new platform.”

“The best projects are always the ones tackled as a single team working shoulder to shoulder with our clients.”

- Elke Roels, Business Development Manager at Cegeka

Turning to Teams as a communication platform between LMS365 and Cegeka also contributed greatly to the smoothness of this team effort. Zahra: “Instead of continually sending e-mails back and forth, the shared Teams group made our dialogues natural and human. It felt like we were creating real relationships with the people over at Cegeka. Their approach makes implementing new software easy.”

Freed from data silos, ready for growth

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR, every department from Copenhagen to Las Vegas will be able to offer a unified, integrated employee experience. Zahra: “We aren’t blocked by data silos anymore. Everyone in HR has access to important information through the cloud, so any colleague can quickly pick up where someone else left off. Nothing gets lost."

The platform is robust enough to ensure reliability and flexible enough to scale and keep pace with LMS365’s growth ambitions. “Dynamics 365 enables us to dive deeper into the employee life cycle and extend HR processes where we need to. By creating a connected and digital HR approach, the solution opens a lot of doors for the future."

“I expect a lot of doors to open for the future. With the insights the platform provides, it will be easier to choose which door to enter.”

- Zahra Khiare, Head of People & Culture at LMS365

The power of data

One of these doors is toward a future with structured onboarding and offboarding processes. To offer this functionality, Cegeka add the ‘task management’ feature to the platform. This gives LMS365 an integrated way to assign tasks to the right managers, from job opening to offboarding, without having to switch between tools.

Zahra: “We practically live in Teams. Adopting ‘task management’ and synchronizing Microsoft Planner will be a real timesaver. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this will improve the quality of our onboarding and offboarding processes. We’ll be able to measure and evaluate so much more – and better – than we ever did before.”

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