New CRM system based on Dynamics 365 is the first step towards digitization for ROC Nijmegen

Yvonne SlendersFunctional Manager, ROC Nijmegen



  • Outdated CRM with limited functionality
  • High licensing costs
  • System was running locally on several PCs
  • No internal administrator


  • CRM based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Designed according to ROC’s needs
"Many other teams have already shown interest in the new CRM. They have noticed the huge potential of Microsoft Dynamics"

In 2018 ROC Nijmegen said goodbye to its old CRM. After more than ten years of loyal service, the old CRM system was on its last legs. In their search for a new solution, ROC asked its trusted IT partner Cegeka for help. Cegeka’s flexible project approach and the focus on simplicity and development in close consultation with ROC were the deciding factors. And soon after completion, the new CRM based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales proved to be much more than just an update for the current system.

ROC Nijmegen sends out a lot of quotes every week. They are mainly for companies looking for training courses for their employees, or for students who want to enrol in a civic integration programme. Apart from keeping track of customer data, the main task of the old CRM system was to create quotes. ‘The problem was that no one was familiar with the system design,’ says functional manager Yvonne Slenders. ‘If we wanted to change something, we always had to call in an external party. Moreover, our version was still running locally on the PCs of our employees, which was not exactly a sustainable solution.’

A rough idea, gradually refined

The main assignment was to find a more flexible and sustainable solution. ‘Our IT department came up with the idea to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365,’ Yvonne continues. ‘Our office environment was already running on Office 365, so Microsoft was a logical next step. But we didn’t want to leave anything to chance so we received proposals from several IT providers. Cegeka eventually emerged as the best possible partner, both because of the story they were telling and the price tag they offered.’

Their first impression was very positive: ‘During the first session, Cegeka’s people mostly listened to our experiences. During the second session they came up with a concrete proposal based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. A few more meetings followed, and we further refined the idea. This was the ideal approach for us, since we now have a CRM system that’s tailored perfectly to our business. As a functional manager, I can also use it without any issues. Now I can easily answer questions or requests from our end users myself.’



Small successes, ballast removal

In addition to a quotation tool, the new package had so much more to offer. ‘The integration with the Office 365 environment is very convenient. Small features, such as conversions into Excel tables or automatic notifications in Outlook help us save a lot of time. In addition, part of our paperwork has been digitized. In the past we had to print out invoices, sign them, send them by post, etc. Now this flow is managed entirely in Dynamics.’

ROC’s other departments are also becoming interested in the new system. As Yvonne explains, ‘Our internship agencies, for example, could use Dynamics to manage their contacts with the internship companies. I'm going to give them a demo soon. But other colleagues have also shown interest. We’re only using a fraction of the power of Microsoft right now. It has huge potential.’

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