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Introducing your AI Copilot in CRM

Microsoft Copilot is recently integrated into Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365. It works alongside you, embedded in the Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 apps you use every day to unleash creativity, unlock productivity and uplevel your skills.

Join our expert Yannick Noens , who will give a clear and hands-on explanation about this technology. 

24:45 min

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It was hard to miss the artificial intelligence storm showing up in the media’s headlines recently. For example, Microsoft caught Google off-guard with its recent push into generative AI, investing heavily in OpenAI, the generative AI force behind ChatGPT. The rapidly evolving world where artificial intelligence is transforming everything from healthcare to finance, transportation to education. With AI, we have the power to solve some of the world's biggest challenges, unlock new levels of innovation, and create a better future for everyone. 

Does that mean articial intelligence will take over our jobs too? – a question that’s on everybody’s mind right now. We know that the rise of AI can be intimidating, but we can help you to weather the AI storm.

In this webinar we will introduce you to Microsoft Copilot, the AI-powered assistant that's here to help you, rather than replace you. Instead, Copilot works alongside you, helping you work faster and smarter than ever before.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  • How to join forces with artificial intelligence in your day-to-day working life using Microsoft 365 (Office 365).
  • How Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics Sales and Viva Sales can help sales dramatically reduce the time they need to spend on administration.
  • How Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service can empower your customer service agents to deliver exceptional customer service.
  • How Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Marketing empowers marketers to simplify their workflows.
  • How Copilot in the Power Platform can support to make automation even easier.
  • And how Cegeka can help you guide through all of it and how to get started.