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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Customer Service

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During this webinar, we focus on how you can support customer focus by using the right tools. Find out how Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions take your customer focus to the next level.

We give a hands-on demo in which we show how Dynamics 365 can help you with an omnichannel service. What to expect from this webinar?

  • Customer portal
  • Chat Support
  • Chat Bots
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Social Media
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Case Routing
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys


  • Explanation of the main customer engagement trends and challenges
  • Demo: discover Dynamics 365.
  • Presentation of successful customer cases: How do companies support their internal and external customers?
  • Get to know our experience, expertise, and approach.