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Looking for quick insights into new innovations and technologies? Look no further! Our Techsplained series consists of 1 minute animated videos where we give you the essentials of exciting and readily available technologies that can help your business go above and beyond in the digital age. Triggered by the video and hungry for more? No worries, we explore each technology more in-depth in the accompanying blogs.

What to expect from Techsplained:

  • Always stay updated on relevant new tools for your business
  • Get inspired and dig deeper into innovative tech
  • The newest technologies explained so clearly your grannie or 8-year-old will understand
  • Quirky animations that will give you a relief from the dry business blogs all over the web

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Techsplained RPA Still

Episode 1: RPA

Struggling with tedious and repetitive tasks on a daily basis? With RPA (Robotic Process Automation), you can ask a virtual robot to do these tasks for you.

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thumbnail_2204_CEG_BS_thumbnail episode 02

Episode 2: Remote Assist

Flying people around to offer on-site support can be an expensive and time consuming affair. Enter remote assist, an immersive mixed-reality experience.

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Customer Insights

Episode 3: Customer Insights

What if you could combine the personal approach your customers like so much with deep AI insights, big data and predictions? Customer Insights is all you need.

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Episode 4: Power Virtual Agents

Chatbots are one of those technologies that offer immediate business value. And with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, your employees can design them easily themselves! 

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Episode 5: Omnichannel for Customer Service

Customers expect to get in touch with your company swiftly and through any channel they please. Omnichannel for Customer Service can help with that.

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thumbnail_2202_CEG_Techsplained nummer 6.00_00_42_18.Still002

Episode 6: Power pages

Empower your employees to build low-code, business-centric websites. With easy-to-use templates and an integrated learning center, creating websites has never been easier.

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2202_CEG_Techsplained 7 still 1 - Sales Copilot

Episode 7: Sales Copilot

Eliminate manual data entry and give sellers more time to focus on selling by automatically capturing, accessing, and registering data into your customer relationship management (CRM) system.

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