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Three hundred employees have already started working in new Cegeka headquarters

Today, Cegeka officially moved into the modern Corda 3 building on the Corda Campus, located at the Technology Campus in Hasselt. This location is also the new Cegeka headquarters. The company has its roots in Limburg, and has grown considerably over the years to become a European multinational. Because of this strong growth, the site on Universiteitslaan had become too small for the current number of employees. “Corda 3 is a perfect match for Cegeka: it’s a lively and energizing technological hub – one of the largest in Europe – and a fantastic location to reach out and connect with other players in the field”, says Cegeka CEO Stijn Bijnens.

Cegeka’s headquarters are now located at the Corda Campus at Kempische Steenweg in Hasselt. The building can currently accommodate 300 employees. The company’s ambition is to eventually employ 500 people on the Technology Campus. The former headquarters with the Cegeka data centre at the Universiteitslaan in Hasselt is located a stone's throw away from Corda, and will remain in use. “Four hundred and fifty employees of the Infrastructure business line will continue working from here”, says CHRO Anik Stalmans. At Corda the focus will be on the development of application solutions for the healthcare industry and applications based on emerging technologies, such as IoT for companies in the 5G landscape. In addition, our support services, including HR, finance and marketing, will also operate from the Technology Campus.

Currently, Cegeka is using the first three floors covering 6,448 square metres of office space. A budget of five million euros has been made available to transform all the floors into a creative and inspiring working environment. “On the ground floor we have the Business Lounge, a unique meeting place and experience area where we welcome our customers, partners, start-ups and students”, CEO Stijn Bijnens explains. “Of course, we will also look at our closest neighbours on the Corda Campus to see if we can find any opportunities in the long term that will lead to new collaborations.”

Both Hasselt and Corda 3 were deliberate choices. “We have grown from a small family business into a highly experienced European multinational”, Bijnens explains. The new location is close to train and bus stations, has sufficient parking space for staff and visitors, and is equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles. Corda Campus focuses on alternative means of mobility as well: the surrounding cycle paths are connected to the existing cycle network. This means Cegeka employees can also reach their workplace easily by (electric) bicycle or scooter.

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