Enhance your sales and marketing activities in Pharma and Life Sciences


    Enhance sales and service performance in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry by fine-tuning scheduled appointments, launching new products, processing orders, checking competitors, revising visit reports, and other demanding activities, all supported through the Cegeka Fearless Leader application.

    Cegeka Fearless Leader
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    Turn your challenges into opportunities

    Few industries face increasing expectations like the Pharma & Life Sciences industry does. While striving to continuously augment your customer engagement, Fearless Leader offers the tools and industry expertise to help you transform challenges into opportunities.

    • Maximize impact of commercial activities in the market

      Develop your sales strategy focusing on priorities and market campaigns, while optimizing your field activities with appropriate geological and business criteria at direct and indirect customers

    • Simplify the digital instruments to guarantee the boarding of all commercial stakeholders

      Enjoy the ease of use on any device in all circumstances, especially when no internet is available. Have everything on board in the field and in the office in order to maximize commercial impact

    • Make the right strategic decisions based on tangible data

      Streamline and extrapolate your qualitative and quantitative audit data from the field to clear consolidated dashboards for management

    • Get better insights on market penetration

      Collect all data and transform it into business intelligent insights for commercial team execution performance, products versus competitors' performance and market penetration performance

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    Cegeka Fearless Leader features

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    Silver (including Bronze)

    Gold (including Silver)


    Manage your challenges in Fearless Fashion


    • Master Data
    • Multimedia
    • Assortments
    • Planograms


    • Surveys
    • Promotions & Projects
    • Order Templates
    • PIM (Product Information Management)


    • Objectives
    • Key Accounts
    • Contracts
    • Multi Outlet Departments
    • Order automation


    Turn your data into information: Reporting, Business Intelligence, Dashboarding


    • Visits


    • Pharmacy
    • Hospital
    • Doctor
    • Journey
    • Visit GPS Control


    • History Pharmacy
    • History Hospital
    • History Doctor
    • Perfect Pharmacy, Perfect Hospital, Perfect Doctor
    • Alerts
    • E-mail Push Reports


    Drive your Field Force to the right place at the right time.


    • GPS Personal Routes
    • GPS Team Routes
    • Personal Calendars
    • Team Calendars
    • Multi Day Optimized Routes


    • Multi Day Outlet Optimized Routes
    • Promotion Actions & Missions Generator
    • Multi Tasks Generator
    • Multi Order Template Generator


    • Multi Day Outlet & Field Force
    • Optimized Routes
    • GEO Territory Management
    • GEO Sales Rep Workload Calculator


    Make sure your consumer picks your product in your channels


    • Check In / Check Out
    • Assortment Checks
    • Tasks
    • Captures
    • Visit report


    • Multimedia
    • Work DashBoard


    • Surveys
    • Order Taking with Product Selector
    • Order Processing
    • Promotion Actions & Missions
    • Tasks
    • Chat/instant messaging
    • Expense Notes


    • PIM
    • Advanced Work DashBoard


    • Contracts
    • Order Automation
    • Departments


    • Actual Performance vs Objectives

    The benefits of Cegeka Fearless Leader for Pharma & Life Sciences

    • Turn your data into information: reporting, business intelligence, dashboarding
    • Drive your field force to the right place at the right time
    • Make sure your customer selects your product in your retail and out of home channel
    • Do more sales, improve your profitability and your market position

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