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5G empowers new healthcare models – here’s how


5G in Healthcare

Healthcare is getting more complex every day. Growing workloads, an aging population, more chronic disease, highly engaged patients and mobile follow-up: with all of these trends comes the urgent need for optimized information flows.

By addressing multiple data and technology challenges simultaneously, 5G-mobile private networks (MPNs) open up a brave new world of efficiency and effectiveness by enabling truly connected hospitals.

When lives depend on information flows

Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, are chock full of complex critical processes on which human lives depend. As a result, there is a total dependence on internal networks in modern care settings. In fact, if access to patient health records is impaired for any reason, a hospital literally shuts down. This makes network reliability critically important in the healthcare domain.

Many medical centers continue to rely on ‘old’ technology such as DECT for mobile intra-facility communication. This is because WiFi typically falls perilously short in hospitals – where enclosed spaces, abundant digital devices and heavily insulated, equipment-filled rooms are par for the course.

Another complicating factor: running a hospital is becoming more and more like running a business. Particularly during crisis situations like pandemics, medical centers are pulling in less income while incurring higher expenses. With more eyes on budgets and fewer resources at hand, decision makers then will require a high and fast ROI before investing in value-adding technological solutions.

Surfing the new wave of data communication in hospitals

Fortunately, a high-speed, wireless, future-proof data solution developed in line with the needs of businesses and organizations (vs. consumer demands) is right on the horizon.

Not only are mobile private networks (MPNs) based on 5G technology cost effective to implement in large facilities and medical campuses without installing kilometers of fiber optic cables, they also offer a Quality of Service and Security that is light years ahead of alternatives like WiFi.

Three value-adding opportunities with immediate impacts stand out for hospitals:

1. Ultra-reliable communication 
‘Slicing’ ensures that mission-critical communication has its own ‘dedicated’ low latency highway which cannot be tampered with. A 5G network can also be reconfigured in the case of an emergency to enable staff-only access.

2. Redundant networks 
Replace numerous outdated communication channels and old networks with one MPN implementation or create redundant networks in case primary networks fail – without tearing up the walls.

3. Wayfinding & Location tracking 
Enable medical professionals, patients and visitors to find their ways through the mazes of large-scale medical campuses and to the right facilities and waiting rooms quickly and easily. Pinpoint where equipment, devices, patients, doctors and expensive medical assets are at any moment within a meter – without GPS.


The next level of quality care is in digital hands

Beyond the localized realm of MPNs, nationwide 5G access will also offer opportunities for hospitals when it comes to smart communication applications, medical IoT and remote care.

  • Rich, reliable communication with first responders, transforming ambulances into extensions of the emergency room. Enable initial vital signs to be immediately interpreted by doctors via high-resolution camera links – enhancing medical decision-making and saving lives.
  • Via eSIM in a patient device, large volumes of patient health data can be transferred immediately to the cloud for analysis by intelligent applications, with no configuration needed.
  • Doctors can efficiently and effectively maintain a high level of engagement with patients, regardless of their location, to optimize their quality of life, boost care levels outside of healthcare facilities and prevent unnecessary hospital stays – lowering costs in the process.

MPNs are here – and we can help you get the most from them

Investing in 5G means opening up your healthcare facility an entire ecosystem of previously unimaginable new applications. But rest assured – Cegeka is here to guide you toward a customized 5G solution that offers the greatest added value and highest impacts for your organization

We always focus on developing practical solutions for real problems. We can offer you an end-to-end MPN solution, from infrastructure to intelligent software applications, that is futureproof, cost effective and completely tailored to your needs.

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