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Home CBS test blog CBS test blog Use case: How to run on-site store checks offline on any device with Fearless Leader (Clone)
Customer Engagement
2 minutes reading

Use case: How to run on-site store checks offline on any device with Fearless Leader (Clone)

Steven De Backer

Steven De Backer

October 17, 2023

Sales representatives are constantly on the road, visiting customers and doing store checks. This means they often find themselves in locations without a (stable) internet   connection. And without a reliable connection, it’s going to be a hassle for them to access and update their CRM, right? Not necessarily: with Fearless Leader, sales reps can now run on-site store checks completely offline, and using the device of their choice.

The challenge 

When performing an on-site store check, sales representatives need to be able to:

  • Access details about their previous interactions with the customer
  • Update their CRM with all information from the current visit

Nowadays however, due to the materials used to insulate buildings, there is often little to no internet connection in retail and department stores. As a result, sales reps are forced to make offline notes about previous interactions and their current visit – either on paper or in an offline document. And at the end of their working day, they then need to spend additional time manually updating their CRM. This makes for a cumbersome and unnecessarily complex process.

The approach 

Thanks to our Fearless Leader app, sales reps are now able to operate completely offline for most of their activities. Here’s how it works:


  • In just a few clicks, the sales rep downloads the Fearless Leader app from the Microsoft Store, Google Play Store or Apple App Store on their Windows, Android or IOS devices.
  • Once Fearless Leader is connected to their CRM, all records that are accessible to that sales rep are downloaded from the CRM to the app and continue to be synchronized at regular intervals.
  • The sales rep is now able to perform all their tasks offline, whether they are on the road or running store checks on location.
  • When they get home, all they need to do is to re-sync Fearless Leader. That way, they don’t need to do any more administration after their working day and they always have the most up-to-date info available in their CRM and on their device.


The choice of device used is entirely up to each individual sales rep. It’s also possible to combine different devices, for example, whereby they can use Fearless Leader:


  • On their phone to consult their planning, view their route, directly call a customer, etc.
  • On their laptop or tablet to run the store check, access CRM info, register the details of their visit, show the store manager certain documents like promo folders, etc.


The results 

When it comes to running on-site store checks, sales reps can now rely totally on Fearless Leader, to:


  • Seamlessly complete their to-do list, even in locations with poor or no internet.
  • Easily sync their CRM and Fearless Leader as soon as they are reconnected again.
  • Always work on their preferred device, with the ability to switch devices depending on the context.
  • Eliminate administration after their working day.

Fancy a full introduction to Fearless Leader?

Download our e-book or request a demo.
Steven De Backer

Steven De Backer

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