Become a connected manufacturing company

Manufacturing is a cornerstone of many economies, but the industry is getting more competitive, facing higher demands and is evolving faster than ever. New technologies are making an entrance, and manufacturing companies need to connect to stay ahead. Cegeka’s Microsoft Dynamics solutions are tailored to the needs of manufacturing companies and their challenges.


Turn industry challenges into opportunities

The manufacturing industry is undergoing big and fast changes. From Industry 4.0 to sustainability challenges and uncertain supply chains… The need for manufacturing companies to become connected is higher than ever. Connected manufacturing companies will turn these challenges into strengths to win in the digital age.

  • Supply chain reliability

    A sturdy and reliable supply chain is crucial to manufacturing companies. But increasing uncertainty over prices and availability of transport and raw materials are compromising the supply chain. Connected manufacturing companies will lead the future with solutions like multisourcing, vertical integration and AI-infused supply chain monitoring.

  • Shift to smart factories

    Automation, Industry 4.0, blockchain applications, smart machinery and the integration between operational and information technology: the smart factory is on the rise and changing the manufacturing industry rapidly. A high-end IT infrastructure, a data-driven approach and the highest security measures are crucial to embrace this evolution.

  • Sustainability

    The global need for sustainability has a huge impact on the manufacturing industry. Many companies are faced with the challenge of decreasing waste, emissions and use of plastic. To meet this challenge, they need to measure and report the production process, plan efficiently and continuously improve the production process.

  • Workforce flexibility

    To meet workforce shortages, manufacturing companies need to be able to hire, educate and plan their workforce efficiently and flexibly. Reducing unnecessary displacement, supporting employees in performing different tasks, certification or efficient collaboration platforms … The workforce challenges for manufacturing companies require innovative solutions.

Cegeka combines the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with real-world industry knowledge to help you thrive as a connected company.

Wim Waelkens_rond

"In order to efficiently merge the three production sites under the same ARLU flag, a uniform ERP system was imperative."

Wim Waelkens, CEO at ARLU

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Microsoft Dynamics solutions for manufacturing

  • Asset Productivity and Maintenance

    Assets repository and lifecycle, assets dashboards, AI driven asset insights for predictive maintenance, maintenance plans, IoT/OT security, maintenance jobs, spare parts management, work orders, mobile execution, budget & cost control

  • Workforce Enablement

    Learning and knowledge, health and safety, connected and frontline worker support, team collaboration around administrative data

  • Financial Management

    Accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, budget management, financial reporting, credit and collections, fixed assets, bank management, cost price management

  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply chain planning, optimization and visibility, supply chain digital twin, labeling, barcoding & EDI, landed costing, vendor managed inventory, available & capable to promise, demand planning, rebates management

  • Product Information Management

    Product and engineering attributes, product lifecycle management and version control, product readiness control, product release and change management, product catalogs and categories, PLM integration

  • Advanced Warehousing

    RF scanning (GS1), picking & put away strategies, automated replenishments, lot disposition & blocking, cross docking, transport management

  • Quality Management

    Integrated quality control, advanced traceability & recall management, complaint management, engineering change requests

  • Discrete and Lean Manufacturing

    IoT intelligence, subcontracting, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), kanbans and production flows, production scheduling, factory digital twin, improve production efficiency and reduce downtime

  • Always on Sales and Service

    Digital selling, customer service and insights, lead and opportunity management, prospect management, campaign management, Remote Assist, VR/AR support, field service

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for your manufacturing company

  • Inherently adapted to the requirements of your industry
  • Fully integrated with your business processes
  • Agile and quickly adaptable to changing client demands
  • User-friendly functionalities that are actually used by your team
  • Gain clear insights and make informed business decisions through accurate unified data


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