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Streamlined processes and interlinked departments define the most agile and lean public services. Cegeka combines powerful Microsoft Dynamics solutions with industry-specific expertise to help you overcome your challenges and become a truly connected company.


Turn challenges into opportunities

Public services are a world in itself. Although on many levels comparable to commercial businesses, the rules of the game are different. Large scale doesn’t equal increasing budgets. At the same time, citizens expect the same customer experience they get from commercial businesses. In this quickly changing environment, governments have the ambition to become more flexible and get ahead of the change through digital transformation.

  • Meeting citizen expectations

    For any public service domain, end-to-end customer centricity is a must. Although public services are not a commercial business, customers (or in this case citizens) expect the same top-notch customer experience: one point of contact, an omnichannel approach and a level of self-service.

  • Large scale

    As any public servant will confirm, cost control and budget management are essential. At the same time, the scale of public services is enormous by default. Digital transformation is the key to realize the ambition to work faster, more efficiently and to digitalize in a citizen-centric way.

  • Modern IT infrastructure

    Many public service departments feel a sense of urgency to transform their IT landscape and get rid of siloed data and manual processes. Digitization, automation and proactive services greatly benefit both employees and citizens, but  require a centralized data structure and modern IT landscape.

  • Quickly changing environment

    Reduce time to value to understand customer needs and offer true customer interaction. Short reaction times, precise planning and continuous insights are critical.

Cegeka combines the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with real-world industry knowledge to help you thrive as a connected company.

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Microsoft Dynamics solutions for public services

  • 360° citizen view

    Thanks to it’s open-source build, Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects with virtually any tool and application. This allows for a centralized data approach with a 360° citizen view.

  • Automation

    Automating processes leads to more efficiency and a better customer experience. But building this from scratch is practically impossible in a public service environment. Dynamics 365 has the routing logic for automation built in. No more bottlenecks or manual processes, but quick and performant automation.

  • Dashboard and reporting

    Use Dynamics 365 as your central tool to steer processes to define, measure and report KPI’s. Get a simple view of all necessary information in one dashboard, without having to switch between screens and systems.

  • Low-code app development

    Replacing or updating legacy systems is costly and time-consuming. The powerful combination of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform allow for easy and low-cost app development to increase digitization, automation and efficiency.

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The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for your public services

  • Inherently adapted to the requirements of public services
  • A scalable standard solution with added features that allow intercompany processes
  • Agile and quickly adaptable to changing citizen demands
  • User-friendly functionalities that are actually used by your team



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