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Data Science

Predictions and automation based on data and AI

Improve your business outcomes by using advanced data technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Improve operational efficiency

Transform processes in your organization through the use of AI. Enhance decision recommendations with suggestion of next best action. Increase product quality with predictive maintenance.

Save time with automation

Implement intelligent technology to automate tasks in any field of your company. Think of financial forecasting, stock optimization, customer segmentation and profiling, resource planning, etc.

Improve customer experience

Increasing customer expectations drive many organization to implement AI enabled applications. Differentiate yourself from the competition by intelligently analyze customer touchpoints and increase customer engagement.

Our data science solutions

AI discovery workshops

Identify your business needs and opportunities and develop an actionable AI use case.
Get more details on our Data & AI Discovery workshop

Customer analytics

Leverage advanced analytics to develop intelligent customer insights and recommendations.

Computer vision

Enable high-level computer understanding of visual information to automate operational tasks.

Predictive analytics

Build scenarios and predict future outcomes based on large amounts of data to go beyond realtime analysis.

IoT analytics

Enable AI on the Edge to improve your operational efficiency and gain valuable insights.
Get more details on Internet of Things (IoT)

Conversational AI – Chatbots

Use advanced technologies that improve customer satisfaction and save you time and money.

Machine learning

Leverage automated analysis in operational tasks to wildly improve your operational efficiency and quality.

Boost Your Business with AI Webinar

How to boost your business with AI

Make artificial intelligence an integral part of your business strategy. Discover Cegeka’s AI Cloud reference architecture during this on-demand webinar.

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Cloud Data Platform with Cegeka Reference Architecture

Cegeka developed a Cloud Data Platform Reference Architecture. This best-in-class architecture combines industry best practices with insights from years of data and AI expertise within Cegeka and guarantees a reliable, sustainable and future-proof data platform. With the ever-growing databases and availability of data, there is an ever-increasing need for adequate data processing and analysis. We closely follow the latest developments in machine learning & deep learning and guarantee that the most suitable solution for your problem can be implemented. The architecture ensures data scientist can work on a high performant environment to democratize AI and AI can be integrated and made operational within the organization.

Data Solutions

Become a data company

We believe data is more than just a buzzword. It is essential for an organization to enable growth, reduce risks and save costs. Listen to our story and take a look at all our data solutions:

Why Cegeka?


Our reference architecture ensures a ‘Continuous Improvement (CI), Continuous Development (CD)’ approach to help you stay ahead.

We’re a one-stop-shop in data services

Data engineering, data governance, business intelligence and data science: we offer the whole package.

A proven track record

We have strong references, proven user cases and an approach that goes beyond a proof of value.

Microsoft Gold partner for data analytics

We’re a certified Microsoft Gold partner, enabling you to apply powerful platforms like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI.

Data & AI Discovery Workshop

Identify and develop an actionable AI use case for your business with proof of value

  • Explore from which AI solutions you can benefit the most
  • Discover how AI can bring new business models or help employees to be more effective
  • Be inspired how to break down data silos to get one source of truth
  • Discover how you make value out of the data your company owns

Learn more about our Data & AI Discovery workshop

Reference cases

Here are some of our recent projects that will show you exactly what we’re talking about.

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  • Kristel Demotte - Global VP Data Solutions

    Kristel Demotte
    Global VP Data Solutions