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Smart Consulting

Make sense of your data

Are you sitting on a data gold mine but you are not sure exactly what to do with it? Our specialists will help you to make sense of it so that all your end users are data-driven and know how to maximise the potential of your organization’s data.

Attract end users

The only way to get optimal value from your data is to have all your end users get involved. We will help you roll out your data platform through our personalised coaching programmes, allowing everyone in your organization to access and realise the full value of your data.

Rely on our data expertise

Do you need an expert, a coach or a global approach to help you get the most out of your data? Cegeka has developed a specific approach to help organizations adopt a data-driven approach to their work. Whether you need short or mid-term support, our specialists are always ready to support you.

Our vision of smart consulting

Data-driven culture

You can only realise the full potential of your data if you adopt a data-driven culture within your organization. To help you achieve this, we will support you in engaging and inspiring all stakeholders within the different levels and departments of your organization so that they understand the value of your data gold mine and get a better understanding of the importance of your data platform.

Personalised coaching

The end users within your organization must be able to use your data platform competently and independently, and be able to create and analyse their own data-driven reports. To put this into effect, we mobilise our specialists to train all your end users in close cooperation with you. Our coaches will help them to get the most out of your data mine through a training programme that is suited to their needs.

Ongoing development

One of the first steps to help end users discover how to get value out of your data platform is to put in place a comprehensive training course. We can also organise lunch-and-learn sessions or set up a data community, all of which are tailor-made for your organization. With this approach, everyone within your organization who is working with your data can make it an integral part of their daily work routine.

Specialist consulting

Do you have specific questions about data solutions such as business intelligence, data science, data engineering or data governance? You can rely on our expertise to guide you in your data projects.

Data Solutions

Become a data company

We believe that data is more than just a buzzword: it is an essential tool to enable an organization to grow, reduce risks and save costs. Listen to our story and take a look at all our data solutions:

Why Cegeka?

We know what we are talking about

Successful data projects require business insights as well as technical knowhow. We combine both and provide data experts who understand your business.

We work with trusted technology partners

Cegeka is a Microsoft Gold partner and highly experienced with Azure, BI and cloud. But we are also technology-agnostic, meaning that we select the right partners and tools for your business.

In close cooperation

‘In close cooperation’ is the common thread throughout our growth story. It is the combination of our values, the way that we have grown with our customers and vice versa, through long-term, trust-based relationships.

We are a one-stop shop

We offer end-to-end solutions to achieve tangible results and create real value, and we can do this because we have over 100 professionals who understand your business context as well as your data.

Reference cases

Here are some recent projects that will show you exactly what we are talking about.

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  • Kristel Demotte - Global VP Data Solutions

    Kristel Demotte
    Global VP Data Solutions