User Experience Design

We create business value by providing customers with digital experiences tailored to their needs

In today’s market it’s impossible to have a strong impact just by offering products and solutions. The challenge is to remain relevant to your customers through constant interaction with your brand and to deliver a positive experience across all contact points and channels.

Our approach

We design solutions that address your customer’s needs, problems and opportunities

User Experience Design Approach

Design Thinking

We take a hands-on approach and look at what your end customers are looking for, but also at what’s technologically possible and economically viable. We facilitate this process within your organization and work hand in hand with your key employees and stakeholders to deliver a result that is both visionary and pragmatic.

User-Centered Design

This project methodology focuses on people by analysing their motivations, interests, goals and needs.

User Research

User research studies people's behaviour by identifying their real needs, both the ones they are aware of and the ones they are unaware of.

Design Thinking

A new mindset

Design thinking is a problem-solving methodology that uses the creative design method and combines it with an approach focused on people, their needs and their expectations.

Design thinking involves a change of perspective and encourages a way of thinking and dealing with problems that is typical for designers.

A designer always thinks about the individual first, does not accept assumptions based on opinions, always recommends field research, looks for future-proof solutions and prototypes and tries out the solutions that are proposed.

Design thinking mainly applies to poorly defined problems. Defining the problem we want to solve is one of the steps in the process. Looking at a problem from different perspectives always leads to better results.

User-Centered Design

The people in the center

A User-centered approach makes it possible to connect people and their stories to the data.

This helps to understand why something is happening and not just what is happening.

We design solutions for people and with people by gaining an understanding of their point of view.

Every aspect of the design is visualized, and even the aspects that appear very abstract are made tangible.

User Research

Studying people’s behaviour to identify their needs

User research helps us to understand what people are doing in a specific environment: which tasks they perform, which interactions are the most common, which obstacles they encounter and how they overcome them, what strategies they are trying...

But it also helps us to understand the context in which they move, which activities they do, etc.

Designing the user experience starts by getting to know people.

Through user research you can:

  • Identify the real needs of individuals/customers
  • Identify their motivations, fears and obstacles
  • Create empathy for people by gaining an understanding of their context

User Experience Design

The 3 steps of UX


A real focus on people and continuous involvement of users in all aspects of the design process (analysis and research, conception, prototyping, testing, and monitoring).


An iterative design process, in which the product is finetuned in consecutive prototyping-testing-refinement cycles.

Multidisciplinary teams

Teams are diverse and team members have different skills.

E-commerce User Experience

An obstacle-free shopping experience

Wondering why your users aren’t completing their purchases? Is your app slow? Do you think your overall performance is unsatisfactory?

Optimizing your e-commerce user experience is key.

The first step is to analyse the available data to identify the objectives and define the contexts. Then you enter the actual design phase, where you try to make the buying experience as simple and fast as possible.

We design e-commerce user experiences that eliminate any access barriers and provide a user experience without distractions. We take a look at your app, website, social media and even your emails. We design consistent experiences across your company’s whole ecosystem by streamlining registration processes, facilitating product searches, speeding up the check-out process, and improving the overall in-store experience.

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