Creating chemistry: Sparks fly when data connects

The competitive advantage of BI

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Lukas Lanszweert – Data Intelligence Consultant

Many companies sit on a mountain of data. Sales figures, purchase invoices, reports of interventions, logs of customer interactions in your CRM, analyzes of marketing campaigns… Every department has figures and reports, but nothing happens with all that data outside that department.

A shame, because if you break down those silos and merge different data sources, you gain valuable new insights. Knowledge that allows for strategic decision-making for your business – and strengthens your competitive position.

Based on a simple demo in Microsoft Power BI, you can see what new insights you get when you collect data from separate sources in a central platform.

We will be working with public data from Fluvius and the Belgian government on energy production and consumption. We will find out whether there is a link between the number of solar panel installations, budget meters, the average E-level and the income level in a province. These insights can help governments to map out their energy policy. You will then discover the various solutions that Cegeka offers you in terms of data.

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In just 13 minutes you will discover

  • How to combine data silos in one data platform 
  • What new insights such a data platform yields 
  • A use case in the energy sector for combining publicly available data (demo Microsoft Power BI) 
  • The strategic benefits of business intelligence (BI) 

Watch this recording: