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Monitor your business continuity

Your people, resources and reputation are worth everything to you. That’s why they deserve top-notch protection. Cegeka makes your organization agile and resilient against system intrusions and failures.

Ongoing security cycle

Cegeka uses an ongoing cycle to keep your systems safe. Using four phases (identify, prevent, detect and respond) we take your organization to a higher level of maturity. Thanks to innovative technology and our cooperation with A-label partners, the latest threats are detected and eliminated. This can be deployed in private, cloud or hybrid infrastructures.


Locking the gates

Cegeka secures your business-critical data and systems with a twin-track approach: technological solutions and managed security services. With the right technology, we protect your data, applications, identity and access data, workstations and network. We also offer services in the field of SIEM as a Service, intelligence and analytics.

Security awareness

Cegeka looks beyond technology and procedures. People are a crucial link in security systems, and that’s why Cegeka focuses on maximum security awareness in your organization. Awareness is an ongoing process. We keep your employees informed, so that they become aware and remain aware of the importance of IT security – and their role in it.


Security domains

Asset Management
Human Resources Security
Access Control
Organization of Information Security
Physical and Environmental Security
Security Policy
Operations Security
Communication Security
Systems Acquisition, Development and Maintenance
Supplier Relationship
Information Security Incident Management
Business Continuity Management
Regulatory Compliance

Dare to Outsource

CIOs are increasingly involved in innovation and strategic decision-making. The reason is simple: in these times of digital transformation, IT is what makes or breaks a company. The stakes are high, and CIOs have to come up with solutions fast. You need a lighter load and more bandwidth to get things done right. Outsourcing could be just what you’re looking for.

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Why choose Cegeka?

One-stop shop

All the solutions and services for a comprehensive approach

Multi-vendor approach

Established partnerships with all the major suppliers in the security field

Dedicated Security Operations Center

Continuous service delivery through a SOC, Technical Support Centre and incident response team

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Optimal system integration thanks to engaged cooperation

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