Become a Connected Company
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Connected companies are always up to any challenge – harnessing the power of data to optimize operations, engage with customers and empower employees. But how and where to start this journey? Here at Cegeka we’re keen to share our knowledge, let you in on best (and worst) practices, and showcase some amazing yet quite feasible innovations. Join us in our mission to propel businesses into tomorrow!

How to build your ERP project dream team

Completing an ERP project takes a village – or at least, a dedicated team. What roles do you need?...
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Feel the beat and dance to the tune of your business processes

About 1 in 2 ERP projects fail. Why? Because people get stuck in features and function, losing the...
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Are you in the mood? How do you go from goals to ERP strategy?

ERP projects are challenging. Want to ensure yours goes according to plan? Set the tone by...
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Techsplained: RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

What is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)? In our new video series Techsplained, we give you a one...
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3 steps towards the best data integration strategy for your business

Avoiding ‘data silos’ is vital for efficient workflows. Connect your applications and tools through...
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